Gettin’ Wacky Wit It

Na na na na na na na

Don’t ask me why I’m using “Gettin’ Jiggy Wit It” as the theme of this post, it just popped in my head.

Before I was big into baseball cards, I was just as big into Topps Wacky Packages.  Hell, every kid in the 1970s was big into Wacky Packages.  Unfortunately – at least from the perspective of an adult collector looking back – almost all of my Wacky Packs got slapped on the covers of the looseleaf notebook I was using for school at the time.  I do still have the tattered pieces that notebook, but I’ve also been picking up a few of the same ones so that I can put them in a 9-pocket page instead of slapping them on school supplies.

It took me a minute to remember what product this next Wacky Pack was parodying.  I guess the fact that the search I did for “Lee Oil Filter” turned up people selling a vintage one on eBay tells me that they are not currently available.

Sometimes it wasn’t abut the fake brand but about the surrounding artwork and jokes… this is one of those. The guy left holding the stick is what sells this for me.

I’ll admit, this isn’t one I’d bother with if I were buying these from scratch, but I got it because my “goal” – as much as I have a goal with Wacky Packs – is to get unstuck versions of all the ones I’d stuck in the 1970s.

This last one is my favorite of the bunch; the “Ivery Snow” concept itself isn’t all that great, but the artwork just makes me laugh. This sticker is sitting on display in my card room right now (and by “on display” I mean it’s in a toploader which is propped up against a plastic Spider-Man figure on the elevated part of my repurposed computer desk).

Turns out that that the Ivory Snow box which this Wacky parodies was notorious to begin with. Proctor & Gamble used a picture of a young mother holding her baby, unaware that Marilyn Chambers, the mother, was by that time making a living as an actress in adult films. Not exactly the “Ivory Snow” image, I’m certain.


1 thought on “Gettin’ Wacky Wit It

  1. I didn’t collect Wackys as a kid, but I’ve accumulated quite the collection as an adult. Don’t track numbers, but if I did… 2022 was the biggest year for my WP PC. I added a ton thanks to Johnny.

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