1988 Topps-style World Baseball Classic customs, Part 2

Two weeks ago I posted my first batch of 2023 World Baseball Classic custom cards done in the style of 1988 Topps.  I meant to stay on top of this, but now that the WBC is over I still have two posts worth of customs, plus I had to re-jigger my plans because I discovered just last night that there’s an All-Tournament Team.  I decided on the spot that I wanted to make sure that everybody on the All-Tournament Team got one of my customs, which will require my making several more customs than I’d had planned (but that’s all right).

I really enjoyed the WBC this time around, even though my Mets lost their closer during — but to my thinking not because of — the tournament.  I kept on top of standings and results all the way through and it was a letdown when the whole thing was over and we had to go back to watching split squad games out of Florida.

So without any real commentary, because I can’t think of much to say about the individual customs, here are some more broken down into “Favorites and stars who aren’t in the All-Tournament Team” as well as groupings of representatives of my favorite teams, the Orioles and the Mets.

Next week I’ll share some highlights plus the All-Tournament Team.

BTW, since I’m still needing to crank out a few more of these customs, I would be open to ‘requests’ of any players I missed… if you ask me nicely.  Some flattery wouldn’t hurt either. I will also say that it also depends on whether I can find a decent image to use. If your brother-in-law’s dentist’s nephew was a backup for the Czech Republic and got into one game as a defensive replacement, I don’t know how likely it would be for me to find an image I can use.

Favorite customs and star players

(I accidentally left the “Shlabotnik” logo off the Urias custom… Uncorrected error!)

New York Mets

Baltimore Orioles


15 thoughts on “1988 Topps-style World Baseball Classic customs, Part 2

  1. The Jeff McNeil is my favorite–great card. Arenado is particularly nice as well. And I’m impressed with the double-decker team name for GB.

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