Photo Clichés #4: Arroyo’s Revenge

I recently pulled a 2012 Bronson Arroyo out of a pack, which reminded me that I haven’t done an Arroyo Photo Cliché post in a while. Topps was kind enough to give us a leg kick.
2012 Topps Bronson Arroyo

I’ve also got two other cards I ran across while organizing…

2006 Allen & Ginter is a portrait… How boring.

2005 Topps Total is a non-leg-kick action shot. Even more boring.

So here are the stats…

Leg Kick: 2006 Upper Deck, 2006 Topps, 2007 Topps, 2009 Topps, 2010 Topps, 2011 Topps, 2012 Topps

Posed/Portrait: 2005 Topps, 2006 A&G, 2008 Heritage

Action Shot without a leg kick: 2002 Upper Deck, 2005 Topps Total, 2009 Upper Deck

Leg Kick Average: .538 (7 leg kicks out of 13 cards)

I’ve got to track down the 2008 Topps card;  if that’s a leg kick, then Topps has done the leg kick on its base cards for 7 years running.

Let’s close things out with a review of the 6 leg kick cards I’d previously featured…

2011 Topps Bronson Arroyo 2007 Topps Bronson Arroyo 2009 Topps Bronson Arroyo 2010 Topps Bronson Arroyo 2006 Topps Bronson Arroyo 2006 UD Bronson Arroyo

Photo Clichés #4: Bronson Arroyo Yet Again

I’ve let a couple of months go by without adding to the Bronson Arroyo Leg Kick-ometer. Let’s check out a couple of Upper Deck Arroyos…

2006 UD has a Red Sox leg kick.

2002 UD has a Pirates action shot without a leg kick. I didn’t know Bronson could pitch that way.

Here are the updated totals…
Leg Kick: 2006 Topps, 2006 Upper Deck, 2007 Topps, 2009 Topps, 2010 Topps, 2011 Topps

Posed/Portrait: 2005 Topps, 2008 Heritage

Action Shot without a leg kick: 2002 Upper Deck, 2009 Upper Deck

Leg Kick Average: .600 (6 leg kicks out of 10 cards)

Photo Clichés: The Return Of Bronson Arroyo

It occurred to me that I hadn’t posted any Bronson Arroyo cards lately, so like Leonard Nimoy I went “In Search Of…” Arroyo leg kicks.  Here’s what I came up with today:

2005 Topps:  No leg kick!  And just to emphasize the complete wrongness of it all, he’s looking shlubby in his Red Sox warmups while being photographed in Yankee Stadium.

2006 Topps:  Photoshopped leg kick!  Well, the uniform is photoshopped, not the leg kick.  …I don’t think…

Let’s see where that leaves us…

Leg Kick:  2006 Topps, 2007 Topps, 2009 Topps, 2010 Topps, 2011 Topps

Posed/Portrait:  2005 Topps, 2008 Heritage

Action Shot without a leg kick:  2009 Upper Deck

Leg Kick Average:  .625 (5 leg kicks out of 8 cards)

Photo Cliché: More Bronson Arroyo

When we last left Bronson Arroyo, there had been two leg-kicks out of three cards.  I recently ran across two more cards in my collection, plus I picked one up at a show.  Let’s see what we’ve got…

First off, a 2007 Topps with leg kick.

Now, a 2009 Topps, also with leg kick… (Also also wik)

Finally, the card I got from a dime box at a show, 2009 Upper Deck… No leg kick!  Must’ve been runners on base…

Let’s tally them up and see what comes up on the scoreboard…

Bronson Arroyo cliché totals:  6 cards featuring 4 leg kicks, 1 portrait and 1 non-leg-kick action shot.

2012 TSR Pat Neshek – Establishing A New Cliché (and yes, I do take requests!)

If Pat Neshek had more cards, he might be photo-clichéd for being pictured with that unique delivery of his… at least that’s what Topher at Crackin’ Wax suggested in a recent comment.  I’m only too happy to contribute to a new cliché, so here we go:

Right now, Neshek’s fighting for a spot with the Orioles.  He’s having a good spring but as a non-roster invitee for a team with plenty of spots but also plenty of candidates to fill those spots, it’s something of an uphill battle for him.  I’m pulling for him to make the team, but even if he gets sent to AAA Norfolk, I expect that he’ll make it up to Baltimore before very long.

Photo Cliché #2 – Ryan Hanigan

Yesterday I introduced a new series of posts illustrating how card companies latch on to a particular type of photo for certain players.  While updating my team binders the other day, I discovered another example of card companies beating a particular photo to death… Ryan Hanigan, Catcher In Action!

I hope you don’t want to know what Ryan Hanigan looks like, because about all you can tell is that he’s Caucasian.  Wikipedia says he’s one of two active MLB players born in Washington D.C., and Baseball Reference seems to bear that out (the other one is the Giants’ Emmanuel Burriss).

So, for  Ryan Hanigan, that’s 4 cards, 4 defensive action shots in full catcher’s gear, with mask on.

Photo Cliché #1, Bronson Arroyo: Leg Kick or Not Leg Kick

Card companies sometimes get caught up in visual clichés…  They get so hung up on a particular trait of a player that they just keep repeating what is essentially the same photo over and over again.  As long as I’m going through my cards to bring focus back to my collection, I thought it might be fun to track certain players and see how pervasive that cliché is.

The first couple of cards are for Bronson Arroyo, let’s take a look at his 2011 Topps Card (Diamond Anniversary Edition!  WooooHooooo!!!!):

A horizontal card featuring his leg kick.  Topps loooooooooooooves his leg kick, and I want to say that the majority of his cards feature his leg kick from some angle.
Here’s his 2010 Topps card, and another leg kick.

Finally, here’s a 2008 Topps Heritage card and…  WHAT THE –?  It’s a portrait!  What’s up with THAT?

So, as I run across these for Arroyo and other players, I’ll be keeping a running total of the clichés.  Coming up soon, I’ll be featuring a newly-discovered cliché involving another Cincinnati Red.

Bronson Arroyo cliché Totals:  3 cards, 2 leg kicks, 1 portrait.