Custom Card Gallery 2012 – 2015

2014/15 TSR “Hot Stove”

2014 TSR

2014 TSR Curling

2013/14 TSR “Hot Stove”

2013 TSR Gallery

2012/13 TSR Hot Stove Gallery

2012 TSR Gallery

13 thoughts on “Custom Card Gallery 2012 – 2015

  1. Love your cards. Really excellent designs and funny concepts (Pointless Pairings,lol). ERROR CARD ALERT!!!!:::There is one error card in the 2014 TSR baseball. Anthony Recker is pictured on Travis d’Arnaud’s card. No biggy. I’ll add that to my error card collection. :)

    • Thank you very much for the compliment, it means a lot to me coming from someone whose own custom cards I enjoy.

      That’s Recker? Really? (Sigh) I’ll have to have a word with our Quality Assurance department…. AGAIN… :-D

    • Ummm….

      I guess the best way to spin this is that I don’t charge anything!

      …Truth be told, I don’t sell individual copies because 1) It never occurred to me and 2) I don’t have the ability to print these off in color. I don’t even have hard copies of these, although I keep thinking I need to figure out a way to get some of them printed out.

      …But thanks again!

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  3. In regard to selling your creations, well, I wouldn’t. There’s this thing called licensing that the league and the union are very protective about. :)

    In regard to curling, check out the “Garlic Girls.” :)

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