Oddball Du Jour: 1981 Topps 5×7 Cincinnati Reds

As yet another desperate play for time, I’m featuring an entire 12-card set from the Topps “Hometown” 5×7 Cincinnati Reds set.

These cards were issued in packs like these, one card per pack…
1981 Topps 5x7 Mets-Yankees Wrapper Front
They were issued in a number of markets, but not every team got their own set.

As the cards are 5×7, they are four times the size of a standard sized card. The images below each feature two 5×7 cards side-by-side.

OK, if I say much more, I won’t be buying myself any time.

Dave Concepcion, Ron Oester (or as I used to call him, “Oester Boaster Toaster”)
1981 Topps Reds 5x7 Concepcion Oester

Dan Driessen, Dave Collins
1981 Topps Reds 5x7 Driessen Collins

George Foster, Mario Soto
1981 Topps Reds 5x7 Foster Soto

Tom Hume, Ken Griffey, Sr. (Although he was, of course, just “Ken Griffey” then)
1981 Topps Reds 5x7 Hume Griffey

Ray Knight, Joe Nolan
1981 Topps Reds 5x7 Knight Nolan

Tom Seaver, Johnny Bench
1981 Topps Reds 5x7 Seaver Bench