COMC What I Got: K-E-Double L-O Double Good

Although I’ve got some very long-term goals involving Kellogg’s, in the short term, buying Kellogg’s cards usually doesn’t involve any wantlists. For the most part it’s about picking up anything that catches my eye.

It’s funny… I love the mix-and-match A’s uniforms of the 70’s which could feature any combination of green, gold or white… But the same does not apply to the Pirates uniforms that followed a couple of years later.
1981 Kellogg's Phil Garner
“All-black uniforms? What were they thinking?” But while I’m trashing the uniforms, I’m also looking back on them with nostalgic fondness. Yep, they’re awful. Aren’t they great?

I notice that, because of the black uniform, they had to squeeze Phil’s facsimile signature waaaaaay up in the corner.

One more thing about this card, and something else I like about collecting sets like Kellogg’s…  Sometimes I just get tired of getting cards of Mike Schmidt and Nolan Ryan and Ken Griffey, Jr. and Derek Jeter and Jackie Robinson and Babe Ruth… Sometimes I just want a Phil Garner.

I said before that wantlists aren’t involved when buying Kellogg’s, which is mostly true… I have to admit that I do have a list of Mets I need…
1973 Kellogg's Tug McGraw
Like this Tug McGraw which doesn’t suffer any ill effects from being just two-dimensional.

There’s also something of an Orioles wantlist, although it’s more prioritization than wantlist.  Even though I was not an Orioles fan until the mid 1990’s, I still like to go back and get guys like Eddie Murray.
1982 Kellogg's Eddie Murray

Nearly 40 years later, I still haven’t worked out how I feel about powder blue with white pinstripes.
1981 kellogg's Dave Kingman
It’s not a great look, but far worse sartorial crimes have been committed over the years.

…And if Dave Kingman played today, would anyone even blink at his strikeout rate?

I think I appreciate Dave Winfield more now than I did when he played. I especially enjoy cards of him with the Padres.
1981 Kellogg's Dave Winfield
I don’t recall seeing him with a full beard before, at least not with the Padres. Mustache? Absolutely. Funky sideburns? Sometimes. Beard? It looks a bit odd. Not bad, just unusual.

Wrapping up with one more Oriole, Mr. James Alvin Palmer.
1981 Kellogg's Jim Palmer
Long-time Orioles fans appreciate the HOF pitcher;  me, I think I’ve grown to appreciate him as a broadcaster who clearly wants the Orioles to win, but doesn’t hesitate to tell us when he sees something he doesn’t like… Kind of the Dick Button of baseball.

I can’t believe I just went there.


And Now For Something Completely Different… REAL Kellogg’s cards

The more I make faux Kellogg’s cards, the more I appreciate the real thing.  Here are two Mets Kellogg’s cards I picked up not long ago.

1982 Kellogg’s Neil Allen

1982 Kellogg's Neil Allen
Neil Allen had most of his success as the Mets’ closer in the early 1980’s. He and Rick Ownbey were traded to St. Louis for Keith Hernandez. Allen has spent the last several years as the pitching coach for the AAA Durham Bulls.

1981 Kellogg’s Steve Henderson

1981 Kellogg's Steve Henderson
Steve Henderson was one of the players the Mets received in the Tom Seaver trade. He was a starting outfielder for a couple of years, and in 1981 was traded to the Cubs for Dave Kingman. He’s currently the hitting coach for the Philadelphia Phillies.

When I was doing my COMC Black Friday shopping I came to the realization that I need better-established priorities. I’m leaning very much towards making the acquisition of every Kellogg’s Met one of my top priorities.  By my reckoning there are 32 such cards and I’m more than halfway there.

I’ve got about 14 Kellogg’s cards coming to me from COMC in the near future, and naturally none of them are Mets… although I am getting 3-D cards of Tom Seaver, Tug McGraw, Gary Carter and Keith Hernandez with other teams.