The Shlabotnik Quality Assortment

I’m still recovering from the Holidays, so I decided to share an assortment of cards without any underlying theme, date/method of purchase or anything to connected them other than I had something to say about them.

We’ll start off with this 1971 Topps Coin of Sal Bando. I’ve had this since I was a kid, I don’t remember where I got it and for years and years it was filed away in a forgotten box. I’m not much of a “baseball coin” guy, but they make a fun oddball.
1971 Topps Coin Sal Bando

As they say in coin collecting circles, here’s the reverse:
1971 Topps Coin Sal Bando back
Somewhere in the unholy mess that is my “unprocessed” collectibles, I’ve got a ziploc bag full of 1980’s coins that I have yet to even look at (other than they’re from the 1980’s and have at least one Cal in them). I’ll share those with you… someday… when I get to them.

I got this 1981 Donruss Rodney Scott as a repack. This set has been growing on me again lately, and I think I like them as much as I have at any point since… probably 1981.
1981 Donruss Rodney Scott

1987 League Leaders card of Kirk Gibson. Remember up top when I said that I had something to say about all of these cards? I lied.
1987 League Leaders Kirk Gibson

The San Diego Padres named Andy Green as their manager a couple of months ago, and I just figured he was some organizational guy and didn’t expect him to have any cardboard… Until yesterday when the Japanese Baseball Cards blog featured two Japanese Andy Green cards (Green played in Japan in 2007). He mentioned that Green had been a D-Backs prospect, and I wondered if I had any cards of his. After consulting my Handy Dandy Database, I found I had his card from the 2006 Upper Deck set (one of my top 5 all-time UD sets, FWIW).
2006 Upper Deck Andy Green
I was also surprised to find out that Andy Green is a former Met… but I felt better after finding out it was a grand total of 4 games (and 5 plate appearances) in 2009.  I like that Andy Green is about my height and weight.  I don’t like that he’s a dozen years younger than I am.

While I was sorting through my box of 2006 UD in search of Andy Green, I ran across this card of current Tigers manager Brad Ausmus being stalked by a purple dinosaur.
2006 Upper Deck Brad Ausmus
“…Then a shot rang out and Barney hit the floor
No more purple dinosaur!”

I was at a show recently – no, really, I was!  Despite all my kvetching about how there are no shows for me to go to, I went to a show.  I had to drive several hours and cross state lines, but it was a show. A table at this show had this still-wrapped boxtopper on it:
2011 Lineage Unopened Box Topper
Now I love love love the 1964 Topps Giants set, and ever since 2011 Lineage had replicated this set for their box-toppers, I’ve been meaning to pick up some.  I never got around to it until I saw this wrapped one sitting on a table, and I immediately bought it. Would I get David Wright? Oriole-at-the-time Vladimir Guerrero?

Nope, I’d get a Marlin. It’s a nice enough card, anyway, even if it surprised me – I don’t know why – by being 21st century baseball card material instead of the traditional cardboard.
2011 Lineage 1964 Giants Hanley Ramirez
There’s also the slightly annoying players name in all-caps.

There’s less text on the back than on the originals. Hey, writing is *HARD*!!!!
2011 Lineage 1964 Giants Hanley Ramirez back
At any rate, I now know what these cards look like up close and personal.

Before we get to 2016 Heritage, let’s commemorate 2015 Heritage again with this 1966 Topps Roy McMillan. I saw Roy referenced somewhere this weekend, but now I can’t remember where or why.
1966 Topps Roy McMillan

Roy’s got a “New York World’s Fair” patch on his left sleeve, which means this photo is from 1964 or 1965, which means that Shea Stadium in the background is either brand new or a year old.