1990 Topps “T.V. All Stars” – Complete Mets Team Set

I recently completed a team set from a nearly-24-year-old Topps product that I’d never heard of until about a year ago.

Back in 1990 Topps sold a limited number of box sets via television ads. There were six different 66-card box sets; Cubs, Red Sox, Cardinals, Yankees, Mets and also a set of All-Stars (which I would guess was tested nationally).

I haven’t been able to find a TV Mets set that fits within my budget, but I did get all four Mets from the All-Star set.

1990 Topps TV Doc Gooden

These cards have a glossy coating on the front and (obviously) a design that was different from the regular Topps set. Here’s the back.

1990 Topps TV Doc Gooden back

These cards are nice, but main appeal of them lies in the fact that they’re something different that eluded my attention for 20+ years.

1990 Topps TV All Stars Darryl Strawberry

Despite the set name, it doesn’t appear that all of the players in the set were on the all-star team… Unless perhaps they were named and then replaced due to injury.

1990 Topps TV All Stars Sid Fernandez

Sid Fernandez wasn’t a National League All-Star in either 1989 or 1990.

I also found out that his first name is actually Charles.  Charles Sidney Fernandez.  How did I not know that?

1990 Topps TV Howard Johnson

Hojo was the starting 3rd baseman on the 1989 All-Star team, and in that same year he won a Silver Slugger and lead the league in Runs…. Just in case you wanted to know.

These cards seem to be relatively rare by 1990 standards… there aren’t hundreds of millions of them floating around, anyway, and there are only a handful of the box sets out on eBay at any given time.

Does anybody have any of these cards?  I only recall seeing one blogger make reference to any of the six sets.

Before I wrap up, I wanted to share something I discovered last night. I was looking at my WordPress stats and in the list of “referrers” to this blog I saw something from mlb.com.

“What the what?” I said to myself. What could be on mlb.com that refers to my li’l old blog? So I clicked on it, and found a blog  post entitled “Did you know these 14 Major Leaguers also starred in other sports?”

In mentioning that Tom Glavine had played hockey, they had an image of this 1992 Pinnacle card:
1992 Pinnacle Tom Glavine_0002

…and it was literally THIS card, or more specifically, this image of my card… It originally came from this 18-month-old post.  The article’s author had borrowed my image and and given credit by providing a link to the original post.

I know this isn’t a particularly unique event in internet history, but there’s a small boy inside me who’s giggling and saying “There’s an image of MY CARD on mlb.com!!!!”

The funny thing is that the mlb.com article is from over a month ago. Guess I should look at my site stats more often.