Playing God With 1991 Fleer

While purging a number of 1991 Fleer cards from my collection, I was looking at this card, which I decided to keep:

1991 Fleer John Smiley

I kept it because I liked the action shot, and because the yellow and black borders worked well with the Pirates uniforms.

As I was absent-mindedly pondering the card, thinking that 1991 Fleer suffers more from bad colors than bad design, it occurred to me:  What if all the cards were done in colors that worked well with the uniforms?  Would they have been better received?

This is not a new thought for me, I’m pretty sure I pondered the same thing back in ’91.  The difference is that now I can “do something” about it.

So I did some quickie digital manipulations and came up with these.  What do you think?  Would you look more favorably on this set if the cards had looked like this?

1991 Fleer Revised Barry Larkin 1991 Fleer Revised Rickey Henderson 1991 Fleer Revised Robby Thompson