Surprised By A Line Drive Or Three

I bought a lot of Line Drive cards in the early 1990’s, but they were mostly of cards like this one:
1991 Line Drive Charlie Manuel

I never realized that there was anything other than minor league cards sold under the “Line Drive” brand until I stumbled across these cards while shopping on COMC:

1991 Line Drive Tommie Agee
1991 Line Drive Tommie Agee back

I was an active collector in 1991, and I do not remember these cards at all.  Even now, I still don’t know much about this set.  Was it sold in packs?  Was it regional?

1991 Line Drive Davey Johnson

“Fifty cards of retired players, put out by Impel Marketing”.  That’s pretty much all I know about this set.  If you Google on “1991 Line Drive”, most of the hits will be for the minor league sets, with an occasional “Collect-A-Books”  hit thrown in for good measure.

1991 Line Drive Jerry Grote

Does anybody out there remember buying these cards in 1991?

A Tribute To Charlie Manuel

I have a small selection of older Charlie Manuel cards that I was hoping to share under happier circumstances, but managers are hired to be fired. I don’t know why they couldn’t let Charlie finish out the season, other than to give Ryne Sandberg a test drive… But given the situation, I can’t imagine how badly Ryno would have to go down in flames to NOT come back next year.

Charlie Manuel played parts of 6 seasons in the majors, mostly with the Twins…
1970 Topps Chuck Manuel

He also played in Japan from 1976 to 1981.
1979 TCMA Japanese Charlie Manuel

After his playing career, he managed in the minors for a number of years before getting hired by the Indians before the 2000 season.
1991 Line Drive Charlie Manuel

Manuel’s been involved in professional baseball since 1963… it’s a shame he wasn’t given the opportunity to go out on a better note, but Ruben Amaro’s not going to fire himself.