Five From 1992 Stadium Club Series 3

About a year ago I bought a $5 wax box of 1992 Stadium Club Series 3, something I figured I’d use as a fallback when I didn’t have any other wax boxes to bust. I’m still slowly working my way through the box (about 4 packs to go), but among all the headshots (there were a lot of traded players in the 3rd series) are some cards I’m happy to add to my collection.

And so, without any additional blah blah blah on my part, here are five of those.
1992 Stadium Club Rickey Henderson

1992 Stadium Club Roger McDowell

1992 Stadium Club Steve Wilson

1992 Stadium Club Danny Tartabull

1992 Stadium Club Greg Olson

It Just Seems Like A Day For Random Cards

I had a themed post ready for today, but I just didn’t feel like posting it.  Today seems more like a “random cards” sort of day, whaddaya think?

I’m slowly working through a wax box of 1992 Stadium Club Series 3… It didn’t start out slow, I enjoyed the heck out of it for a while… but it’s’ a 300 card series and a 540-card box, halfway through the box I hit the “doubles wall”.

This card might be the one I’ve enjoyed most, mainly for the “What the what?!?” factor.  Kirk Gibson… with the Bucs????
1992 Stadium Club Kirk Gibson
Gibson was with the Royals in 1991, got traded to the Pirates early in 1992 Spring Training, but only played 16 games for Pittsburgh before getting released.  Batting below the Mendoza Line will do that to a guy.

Also from 1992 is this O-Pee-Chee Premier card of Ozzie Smith… Familiar player, familiar team, but in this case unfamiliar set (to most, anyway).
1992 OPC Premier Ozzie Smith

Kellogg’s Keith Hernandez from 1981.
1981 Kelloggs Keith Hernandez
In 1979 and 1980, the Cardinals put the “TV numbers” on the uniform sleeves so that it wouldn’t take away from the beautiful chain-stitched birds-on-a-bat logo.  This photo gives a good demonstration of why that look only lasted two seasons.

It’s been a while since I posted a 1956 Topps card…
1956 Topps Ray Jablonski
As with pretty much all of the 1956’s in my collection, it was cheap, it had a good action shot, it was 1956, I bought it.

Remember when Chris Davis rookie cards would set you back a few bucks?  I’d been wanting to buy this Heritage High #’s card for a while, but it was always too expensive for my budget.  That’s not the case now, so I struck while the iron was… um… cold.
2008 Heritage Hi Numbers Chris Davis

This past Friday was “Force Friday” for those who are into Star Wars merch.  I hear that this is what happened to retailers who didn’t comply with “Force Friday”:
1977 Topps Star Wars #237

I think this post might need one more card… What do you say, one more card?
1975 Hostess Tony Oliva

Finally, on Saturday I posted about a PWE from Shoebox Legends, but inadvertently left out one of the cooler parts of the PWE… the stamp!
Jimi Hendrix stamp postmarked

I love a cool stamp when it comes along, it goes back to high school when I spent a couple of years collecting stamps (contrary to the general perception at the time that I was a nerd).

I appreciate the hell out of Jimi’s guitar skills, but I’ll admit I’m not much of a Hendrix fan… guess I’m not experienced, nor have I ever been experienced.  That’s not to say I don’t love me some Hendrix, just not the Hendrix that most other people love…

Favorite Hendrix songs:
Manic Depression
Crosstown Traffic

Favorite Hendrix covers:
Voodoo Child (Slight Return) – Stevie Ray Vaughn and Double Trouble (from the album “Couldn’t Stand The Weather”)
Hey, Joe – Buckwheat Zydeco (from the album “On Track”)

Favorite Hendrix parody:
Holidaze (S’cuze Me, I’ve Got Gifts To Buy) – Bob Rivers (from the album “More Twisted Christmas”)

I’m Tired Of Looking For Topps… How About A Pack Of NOT-2015 Topps?

All week I’ve been in and out of Target and Wal-Mart stores, at least one each day, trying to find packs of 2015 Topps. I feel like the employees are saying “Here comes another one of those guys who walks in, looks at the card aisle, and walks out”.

I think I’ve had enough for now… Instead of busting a pack of new cards, how about we bust an 8-card pack of Not 2015! Not Topps!
Not 2015 Not Topps pack

First card is a 1979 Topps Gaylord Perry… Not a bad kickoff, although I guess that the “Not Topps” thing on the wrapper turned out to be false advertising. You think I fully think these posts through before I write them? Pfft.
1979 Topps Gaylord Perry
I unfortunately missed Gaylord Perry’s halftime show at the Super Bowl, although I can’t imagine what he would’ve–

What’s that?

Katy Perry did the halftime show?


I would rather have seen Gaylord Perry.

Even though this pack we’re opening is standard size, you come to the next card and are blinded by a flash of light, then find that the next card is a 5″ x 7″ 1980 Topps Super of Dave Parker.
1980 Topps 5x7 Dave parker
I don’t know why, but the whole “card is bigger than the pack it came in” made me think of the old text-based computer games that were popular among us computer nerds around 1980.

You find yourself in a small room. There is nothing here but a pack of baseball cards.
> open pack
You can’t open something you don’t have.
> take pack

…and at this point anybody below the age of 45 has already closed the browser tab and is off to check out Night Owl’s latest post.

Wait! Wait! Don’t go! Look, I’ve got Tom Seaver from the 1985 Fleer set!  He’s a Hall-Of-Famer!  He’s smiling!  Look how happy he is to be here!
1985 Fleer Tom Seaver
See, there are cards in this pack that aren’t Topps.

Rick Cerone signs a baseball for fans of — QUICK! What team is he with on this card?
1992 Stadium Club Rick Cerone
The answer is at the bottom of this post.  O!  The suspense!

One of the insert sets in last year’s Heritage was a “First Draft” set that featured a handful of players, and they all looked like nice cards, but as a Mets fan the one I really wanted was Nolan Ryan. I bought a wax box of Heritage. I bought a couple of blasters of Heritage. I bought loose packs of Heritage. Every “First Draft” card I got was Johnny Freakin’ Bench. I ended up using a small amount of my COMC credit to finally get this one.
2014 Topps Heritage First Draft Nolan Ryan
“295th Overall”, in very small type.  That’s my favorite part of the card.

Speaking of Heritage, this card should perhaps whet your appetite for the 2015 set.
1966 Topps Luis Aparicio
I know, I know, the 1966 design doesn’t hold a candle to 1965. I still like the set in a minimalist sort of way, and I’ll be buying another wax box or two.

In the early 1960’s, Danny Kaye recorded “The D-O-D-G-E-R-S Song” where he half-sings the play-by-play of a fictional game between the Dodgers and Giants.  While the song is amusing, I’ve always enjoyed the way he relishes singing “Orlando Cepeda”.
1968 Topps Game Orlando Cepeda
“Orrrrrrrrrrrrrrlando Cepeda is at bat with the bases jammed…”  Unlike this 1968 Topps insert card, the result was a little better than “Ground out, runners advance one base”.

Wrapping things up with a 1970 Dick Drago. Why Drago? Why not.
1970 Topps Dick Drago
Here’s a fun Dick Drago fact… On July 30th, 1971, Drago faced 13 batters while pitching a complete game.  “Huh?” you say.  Well, it was a rain-shortened 4.5 inning game, the Royals were in Baltimore and lost 1-0 on a Frank Robinson homer.  Jim Palmer pitched a 5-inning complete game because he had to pitch the top of the 5th to make things official.  My favorite part of the game’s Baseball-Reference page:  “Time Of Game:  0:48”.

Answer to the Rick Cerone quiz: That 1992 Stadium Club card shows Rick Cerone during his half-season with the Montreal Expos. Ten points to everyone who got that right.