Doppelganger: 1994 Fleer/Score Terry Steinbach

My latest Doppelgangers (two cards from different manufacturers featuring different photos of the same play) come from 1994 Fleer and Score, and involves a play at the plate involving A’s catcher Terry Steinbach and Mariners catcher Bill Haselman.
1994 Fleer - Score Terry Steinbach
Here’s what I believe to be the play pictured: August 4th, 1993, Mariners at Oakland on a Wednesday afternoon. In the top of the 7th, the Mariners are leading 4-2 and Bill Haselman draws a walk off Kelly Downs. Omar Vizquel comes up next, singles up the middle and Haselman moves over to third. Mike Felder came up next, and the runners must’ve been going because Felder hit the ball to A’s 2nd Baseman Brent Gates who threw to Steinbach to get Haselman out at home. Felder got to first on a fielder’s choice, but neither he nor Vizquel would score.

The Mariners would hang on to that lead going into the bottom of the 9th, and starter Tim Leary was cruising along. After Leary gave up a leadoff triple to Ruben Sierra, Dennis Powell was brought in to face Lance Blankenship, walked him, and that was it for Powell. Jeff Nelson comes in, gives up two runs, loads the bases and plunks Mike Bordick to drive in the winning run. Athletics 5, Mariners 4.

My goodness! Where are my manners?

This past Monday I was featured in the latest edition of Nachos Grande’sBetter Know A Blogger” series, and unthinking cad that I was, I forgot to thank him here in my own blog. Thank you, kind sir, for stretching the definition of a “theme week” and allowing me to take part.

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