Absolutely True (You Can’t Prove Otherwise) Trade Stories #1

Last week, I got together with some of my celebrity friends for our monthly Strat-O-Matic night… We normally do it earlier in the month, but Mike Mills had some sort of scheduling conflict… Lord knows what, it’s not like he has a whole lot going on since R.E.M. called it a day.

Anyway, towards the end of the night Rachael Leigh Cook pulled me aside and… What?  Oh, you know her, she used to be on Dawson’s Creek, she’s been in a bunch of movies and TV shows and is currently doing that TV show “Perception” with Eric McCormack…

Wait a second, here’s her 2014 Simon & Gintfunkel card…
2014 Simon & Gintfunkel Rachael Leigh Cook 2
…I really should get her to autograph one someday, it would be good trade bait.

Rachael’s not the greatest Strat player, but she brings these absolutely phenomenal potato chips from Pennsylvania. You know, kind of like the whole “craft beer” thing, but with chips. Say what you want about Pennsylvania, but those people know how to make snacks.

Anyway, Rachael brought me some cards off my wantlist, with the proviso that I share them with all of you… You know, good publicity and all that.

First off, she got me a couple of cards for my 1982 set that I’ve been working on for… Oh… 32 years and counting.
1982 Topps Ozzie Smith

1982 Topps Amos Otis

…as well as a similarly-old Oriole need…
1982 Donruss Dan Graham

This Carew gets me one step closer to the 1979 set.
1979 Topps Rod Carew
Like 1980 and 1982, 1979 falls into the category of “Yeah, I really should finish those”, but it’s far from an imperative.

Rachael knows I’m a Frank Catalanotto collector, so she got me two new additions…
2008 Topps WBC Frank Catalanotto

1996 Signature Rookies Old Judge Frank Catalanotto

And finally, I got this interesting Rookie Glossy card from 1992 Topps.
1991 Topps Glossy Rookies Sandy Alomar
Normally I like a card to show you what the player looks like – this card obviously fails that test, but it’s still a cool photo… especially for these glossy inserts, which are often just head shots.

I’ve made some other trades with the celebrities at our Strat-O-Matic Night, not to mention the charity Frisbee Golf tournament I was in over the summer. I’ll feature those in a future post.

Mets Monday: I’m Feelin’ Like Butch Huskey This Morning

Butch Huskey looks a little tired and very much aware of the fact that he has a lame “N” superimposed on his cap, but he’s here, he’s trying, and his signature is on-card.

I’m feeling a big rough around the edges this morning;  it wasn’t a particularly bad or good weekend, but it was a tiring weekend and I’m moving slowly.  The weekend sweep by the Yankees left me feeling a little drained as well.  The Mets didn’t play particularly poorly (other than the shaky defense and bullpen they’ve had all season), but there’s something about losing to the Yankees that just takes you down a notch.  I’m just glad I no longer live in New York, and don’t have to hear about it if I don’t want to.

I’ve got a couple of these Old Judge signatures, and I have to admit I like them in a strange way.  They’re almost aggressively unlicensed and low budget, but they’re appealing in a cheesy sort of way, the signatures are on-card (as I’d mentioned), and they often can be found very cheap.