A Seattle Slew Of Mets; COMC Black Friday; Blogrolls Are The Devil’s Playground

Before I get into the main subject, I’d like to point out that there’s information on my COMC Black Friday plans below, as well as a plea for blogrollical help.

Now, I normally wouldn’t pay much attention when a team I don’t follow announces their coaching staff… but in the case of yesterday’s announcement about the Mariners’ coaching staff, it read like a “random Mets cards” blog posting… so I figured I’d make a random Mets card posting out of it.

New M’s hitting coach Howard Johnson was a member of the 1986 World Champion Mets, he holds or is tied for a couple of Met team records including “extra base hits in a season” and one could make an argument for his inclusion in the Mets’ Hall Of Fame.
1990 Classic Howard Johnson

John Stearns, the new 3rd base coach, was the Mets’ starting catcher for a couple of years and was an All-Star four times.
1981 Fleer John Stearns

Infield coach Chris Woodward was a Met in 2005 and 2006 and during those two years the only position he didn’t play was pitcher and catcher. He also DH’ed some.
2005 Topps Heritage Chris Woodward

Bullpen catcher Jason Phillips has actually held that job for 5 years, but he’s a former Met, and Mrs. Shlabotnik likes him because he wore glasses on the field.
2003 Topps Total Jason Phillips

When Black Friday comes, gonna sell my cards online
Gonna discount ’em all and hope they sell this time…

COMC is having a Black Friday special, and not only will I be participating, but I will have 500 new cards added to my inventory by then (I’m in the process of pricing them).  Parallels and inserts (many from 2013), manupatches, vintage, 1986 glossy cards, rookies and pre-rookies, oddballs, 1970’s O-Pee-Chee baseball, 1976 SSPC, hockey, basketball, football, even Donruss Truckin’ cards.

More information to come!

Finally, I’ve been having problems with my posts showing up in blogrolls, and I hoping someone’s had the same problems. After reading through blogger.com support, I wonder if I’m having a problem with pasting text from MS Word (which I do) or with “auto-pagination”, which I’m not clear on what that means, but it is connected to other people with the same problems.

If anyone has any suggestions, hints, etc., I would love to resolve my situation.