The Latest Stop On The Kelly Johnson World Domination Tour

Before the season ends, I want to pay tribute to the happy wanderings of Mr. Kelly Andrew Johnson, who began his Major League career as an Atlanta Braves outfielder, then their starting second baseman, and has recently been playing anywhere for anyone.

Kelly Johnson was drafted by the Braves in 2000 and made his debut as an outfielder in 2005.  He missed most of 2006 and came back as a 2nd baseman in 2007.
2009 Topps Kelly Johnson

In December, 2009, he signed with the Diamondbacks as a free agent.
2011 Topps Kelly Johnson

In August, 2011 (his “walk year”), he was traded to the Blue Jays for for Aaron Hill and John McDonald. (This is where the fun starts)
2012Topps Kelly Johnson
He became a free agent but re-signed with the Jays.

After the 2012 season, he became a free agent again, this time signing with the Tampa Bay Rays.
2013 Topps Kelly Johnson

After one season in Tampa, he became a free agent again, and signed with the Yankees.
2014 Topps Kelly Johnson

At the 2014 trading deadline, he was traded to the Red Sox for Stephen Drew.
2014 Topps Update Kelly Johnson

One month later, Kelly Johnson and Michael Almanzar were traded to the Orioles for Ivan DeJesus and Jemile Weeks. (This card is a custom, BTW).
2014 Schmeritage Kelly Johnson

When he got traded to the Orioles, he completed the cycle by playing for all five AL East teams.

Over this past offseason, he went back to the Braves, and I held off on this post until after I got my 2015 Topps factory set, thinking that Kelly Johnson would be on one of the 700 cards — but I was mistaken.  We’ve got to wait for Topps Update or Heritage High Numbers to get Kelly Johnson on a 2015 card, so I’m going to repeat the 2009 card to stand in for a 2015 Braves card.
2009 Topps Kelly Johnson

In July the Braves traded Kelly and Juan Uribe to the Mets for two minor league pitchers.
2015 TSR #307 - Kelly Johnson

Just to recap, that’s 8 teams over the past 5 seasons, including all of the teams in the AL East and two out of five in the NL East.  So far this season, he’s played at first, second, third, short, left field, right field and DH (although only one game each as a shortstop and DH).

Just for fun, here’s another custom I’m “reprinting” from last year featuring Kelly Johnson and Kelli Johnson of Comcast SportsNet.
2014 TSR PP-3 Kelly Kelli Johnson
Kelli Johnson’s also been on the move;  this past winter she moved from Comcast SportsNet Houston to Comcast SportsNet Bay Area.  Before that, she was with Comcast SportsNet Mid-Atlantic.

Photo Cliché: More Bronson Arroyo

When we last left Bronson Arroyo, there had been two leg-kicks out of three cards.  I recently ran across two more cards in my collection, plus I picked one up at a show.  Let’s see what we’ve got…

First off, a 2007 Topps with leg kick.

Now, a 2009 Topps, also with leg kick… (Also also wik)

Finally, the card I got from a dime box at a show, 2009 Upper Deck… No leg kick!  Must’ve been runners on base…

Let’s tally them up and see what comes up on the scoreboard…

Bronson Arroyo cliché totals:  6 cards featuring 4 leg kicks, 1 portrait and 1 non-leg-kick action shot.

Photo Cliché #2 – Ryan Hanigan

Yesterday I introduced a new series of posts illustrating how card companies latch on to a particular type of photo for certain players.  While updating my team binders the other day, I discovered another example of card companies beating a particular photo to death… Ryan Hanigan, Catcher In Action!

I hope you don’t want to know what Ryan Hanigan looks like, because about all you can tell is that he’s Caucasian.  Wikipedia says he’s one of two active MLB players born in Washington D.C., and Baseball Reference seems to bear that out (the other one is the Giants’ Emmanuel Burriss).

So, for  Ryan Hanigan, that’s 4 cards, 4 defensive action shots in full catcher’s gear, with mask on.