Through The Years With Octavio Dotel

Octavio Dotel officially announced his retirement yesterday, bringing a close to a career that saw him pitch 15 years with 13 teams.

I thought it would be fun to do a career retrospective, so I’m going to largely shut up and let the cardboard (and customs) do the talking… I’ve got some notes at the bottom for those who are interested in my inane ramblings.

In the Mets’ farm system…

1999 Blueline Binghamton Mets Octavio Dotel

1998 Blueline Norfolk Tides Octavio Dotel

New York Mets:  1999 (19 games)

1999 Upper Deck Victory Octavio Dotel

Houston Astros: 2000 – 2004

2002 Topps Total Octavio Dotel

Oakland Athletics:  2004 – 2005

2005 Donruss Octavio Dotel

New York Yankees:  2006 (14 games)

2006 Topps Octavio Dotel

Kansas City Royals:  2007 (24 games)

2007 Topps Octavio Dotel

Atlanta Braves:  2007 (9 games)

2007 Topps Update Octavio Dotel

Chicago White Sox:  2008 – 2009

2009 Upper Deck First Edition [???] #325 - Octavio Dotel - Courtesy of

2009 Upper Deck First Edition [???] #325 – Octavio Dotel – Courtesy of

see note #1

Pittsburgh Pirates:  2010 (41 games)

2014 TSR 2010 Do-Over Octavio Dotel Pirates
See Note #2

Los Angeles Dodgers:  2010 (19 games)

2010 Topps Update Series #US-159 - Octavio Dotel - Courtesy of

2010 Topps Update Series #US-159 – Octavio Dotel – Courtesy of

See note #1 again

Colorado Rockies:  2010 (8 games)

2014 TSR 2010 Do-Over Octavio Dotel Rockies
See note #3

Toronto Blue Jays:  2011 (36 games)

2011 Topps Diamond Edition Octavio Dotel

St. Louis Cardinals:  2011 (29 games)

2011 Topps Update Octavio Dotel

Detroit Tigers:  2012 – 2013

2013 Topps Octavio Dotel

Dominican Republic, 2013 World Baseball Classic

2014 TSR 2013 Do-Over Octavio Dotel Dominicana
See note #4

#1 – As you can guess, I’ve got some gaps in my Octavio Dotel collection. He’s not so much a “player I collect” for me as much as “A former Met that I like well enough to acquire and hang on to his cards”. Thanks to for the images.

#2 – I don’t know if there are any cards that show Octavio Dotel with the Pirates, so I had to make a custom. This is officially a “2010 Do-Over” insert in my 2014 TSR set. The design is a cleaned-up version of my 2010 custom set, which was my first original design and had never been published until now.

#3 – Here’s another “2010 Do-Over” insert. Not only could I not find a card that represents Dotel’s nine games with the Rockies, but I couldn’t even find a decent photo. This is a White Sox “Photo Day” image with a Rockies cap logo superimposed. I normally wouldn’t leave a studio background like this, but I’ve already spent way too much time on this post.

#4 – Anyone who’s read my blog for at least a year will recognize last year’s TSR design, here making an encore performance as a “2013 Do-Over” insert.