2012 Pro Debut Mets Revisited

This is something I’ve been meaning to do for a while… Take all of the Mets or Orioles prospects from a given year of Topps Pro Debut and see how the players have panned out so far.

I’m going to start with the Mets prospects from 2012 Topps Pro Debut (posted here in no particular order).

Travis Taijeron

Taijeron is an outfielder who was an 18th round draft pick in 2011.  He’s a non-roster invitee to Mets Spring Training this year and in 2015 he batted .274 with 25 homers and 71 RBI at AAA Las Vegas.

Wilmer Flores
Wilmer Flores - St. Lucie Mets
Wilmer started a bunch of games at short in 2015, but with the Mets signing of Asdrubal Cabrera, Flores could end up as a utility guy.

Zack Wheeler
Zack Wheeler - St. Lucie Mets
Wheeler had been acquired from the Giants for Carlos Beltran back in 2011, but missed all of 2015 due to Tommy John surgery.  He’s still a valued pitcher with an ETA of July 1st.  Just a guess, but Zach Wheeler may have originally been in a San Jose Giants uniform in this photo.  Topps did a crap job with the fake piping on the front of the jersey.

Greg Pron
Gregory Pron - Kingsport Mets
Pron has not appeared in a minor league game since 2013;  I would presume that he’s out of baseball, but it’s not unheard of to lose two seasons to injury.  So far, he has not gotten past the low-A South Atlantic League.

In trying to search on Greg Pron, I got a lot of hits involving the word you get when you swap the “R” and “O” in “Pron”.

Jeurys Familia
Jeyrys Familia - Binghamton Mets
Familia earned 43 saves as the Mets’ closer in 2015.

Matt den Dekker
Matt den Dekker - St. Lucie Mets
den Dekker was traded to the Nationals just before the 2015 season.  He split time between D.C. and AAA Syracuse.

Quickie Monty Python reference: “den Dekker, den Dekker was a boozy beggar who could drink you under the table…” (FYI, the original lyric was about German philosopher Martin Heidegger).

Matt Harvey
Matt Harvey - St. Lucie Mets
Do I really have to tell you about Matt Harvey?  13-8, 2.71.

Danny Muno
2012 Pro Debut Daniel Muno
Like Travis Taijeron, Danny Muno was drafted in 2011 and is a non-roster guy this Spring.  He’s a third baseman who also plays second, appeared in 17 games with the Mets last year, but spent most of the season with Las Vegas.

On the whole, that’s a pretty good selection of players… Out of 8 guys you’ve got 7 with a shot at being in the Majors in 2016.

Bonus cards

These next two Pro Debut cards are not part of the Mets team set, but they both feature current Mets who had been in the Blue Jays organization in 2012.

Travis d’Arnaud
2012 Topps Pro Debut Travis d'Arnaud
Travis d’Arnaud started out in the Phillies organization, was part of a package of prospects traded to the Jays for Roy Halladay, and then was part of another package of prospects traded to the Mets in the R.A. Dickey trade.

The photo on this card was also used in the 2011 Pro Debut set.  The 2011 card shows him with the Dunedin Blue Jays, 2012 shows him photoshopped into a New Hampshire Fisher Cats uniform.

Noah Syndergaard
2012 Topps Pro Debut Noah Syndergaard
Noah Syndergaard was another player in that R.A. Dickey deal.  He looks odd without long hair.

Travis d’Arnaud, International Man Of Debuts

I recently noticed that Mets catcher Travis d’Arnaud has a card in each of the four Pro Debut sets to date.

And I also caught Topps in a major screw-up.  More on this below.

For those who aren’t familiar with Mr. d’Arnaud, last December he was involved in the trade that sent Cy Young winner R.A. Dickey from the Mets to the Blue Jays.  Three years and one day before that trade, he had been sent from the Phillies to the Jays as part of a trade for Roy Halladay.

2010 Topps Pro Debut Travis d'Arnaud

The cynical among us may ask how someone can “debut” 4 years in a row, but I shall not go there.
2011 Topps Pro Debut Travis d'Arnaud

I recently acquired the below 2012 card and realized that it uses the same photo as the above 2011 card, except the Single-A Dunedin Blue Jays uniform is photoshopped to be a Double-A New Hampshire Fisher Cats uniform.
2012 Topps Pro Debut Travis d'Arnaud

The card below is a major screw-up by someone in the Topps art department… They photoshopped d’Arnaud into this year’s version of the Buffalo Bisons uniform, but the truth of the matter is that Travis has not played and can not play for the Bisons.
2013 Topps Pro Debut Travis d'Arnaud

Even though he’s played in AAA with two different organizations, the only AAA team d’Arnaud has played for is the Las Vegas 51’s… The 51’s were the Jays’ top affiliate in 2012, and they’re the Mets’ top affiliate now.  It would be truly amusing should the original photo feature a 51’s uniform, meaning that Topps could’ve been up-to-date by leaving it alone.

No Rhyme Or Reason #1: A Clearinghouse Of Cards, Comments & Questions

My local Walgreen’s had 2012 Topps Series 1 packs on clearance for $0.49 apiece, in case anyone might want to check their own Walgreen’s.  I bought 4 packs for grins, and for my $2 I knocked 4 base cards off my wantlist and got one of last year’s “1987 minis” of Andrew McCutchen… So the ROI wasn’t there for me.  Maybe it will be for you.

1988 Big Baseball John Franco

A few weeks ago I had a baseball game on the TV in the background, and I heard someone mention Barney Jackson DeJesus. Just as I was starting to wonder who the heck Mr. Barney J. DeJesus is, I realized that they were giving the three Cubs coming to bat in the next half-inning: Darwin Barney, Edwin Jackson, David DeJesus.

Are hand-collated sets a thing of the past?  That question occurred to me when I was at a show a couple of weeks ago.  I walked the floor and saw hand-collated sets from 10-20 years ago, but I didn’t see anything more recent.  Has it gotten to the point where the only people interested in sets are the ones who want to build it themselves?

If you ever want to look around the showroom of a car dealer without being bothered by a salesman, tell them “I’m just waiting on my wife, she’s picking her car up from service”.  I did that the other day, and I was waiting on my wife, but I instantly became invisible to the salesmen.  I will keep that little trick in mind for the future.

Has “retail” Pro Debut ever surfaced in a retail store?

You can’t read the last name on this scan, but it’s Manny Machado.
2012 Pro Debut Manny Machado

The San Jose Sharks’ new uniforms are boring.  Not quite as boring as the generic snooze-a-aplooza that the Phoenix Coyote’s wear, but pretty darn close.

It’s Like Two Syndergaards When All You Needed Was One

It’s like meeting Kathy Griffin instead of Olivia Munn
…and isn’t it ironic?
Don’tcha think????
2010 Bowman DP&P Prospects Noah Syndergaard
Nah, it’s really not ironic… but that song is what popped in my head when I sat down to write this.

I made a fairly large (88 card) COMC order back in March, and it seems like whenever I go COMC shopping I always end up inadvertently buying something twice… but up until now I caught it before shipment and put the duplicate card up for sale again. I guess at this point I’ll just hope that Syndergaard pans out for the Mets and a few years down the road I can make a profit on my mistakenly-purchased card.

For those who aren’t Mets fans, Noah Syndergaard is one of the prospects the Mets got from the Blue Jays in the R.A. Dickey trade. He’s pitching at Hi-A Port St. Lucie this year, so he’s not going to be helping the Mets anytime soon.

During the COMC “Spring Cleaning” promotion, I tried to build an instant Syndergaard collection; here’s the 2012 Pro Debut card I picked up.
2012 Topps Pro Debut Noah Syndergaard