A few random thoughts on the winter meetings

The obvious reaction to the Angels big signings is that they want to compete with the two-time AL champion Texas Rangers… But I think the Angels front office smells blood… Dodger-blue blood.  There’s probably not going to be a better time if they want to become Los Angeles’ team.

What I wish for when Jose Reyes comes to CitiField for the first time in 2012:  Give the man an ovation when he comes to bat for the first time, show him the appreciation for all he’s done — and as soon as that first pitch is thrown, he is the enemy.  Feel free to boo the crap out of him for the next six years.

…Finally, I have to apologize.  Back when the Marlins unveiled their uniforms, I said they weren’t bad.  Now that I’ve seen Heath Bell and Jose Reyes modeling the uniforms up close and in HD, I will flip-flop on that.  They don’t look bad from a distance, but close up, well…  um… They sure are colorful!