2014 TSR: Previewing Series 5 With Some “Trade Deadline Guys”

I don’t know how many of you realize that my custom card set comes out in six series of 132 cards each… as if such a thing mattered tremendously.  What the heck, it adds a tiny little element of fun for me, and possibly for some of you.

Series 5 went “live” on July 15th, which means that the first series to reflect the trade deadline deals ends up being Series 6, which gets released on September 1st.

The below customs are not meant to highlight every player moved or even the most important ones… In this case, it reflects the subset of players who moved and for whom I’ve created a custom which meets the exacting standards of The Shlabotnik Report, not to mention the Bavarian purity laws set out in the Reinheitsgebot.

For those of you who enjoy the concept of honoring players by giving them round card #’s, this Yoenis Cespedes card is #550.
2014 TSR #550 Yoenis Cespedes

…and David Price is #625. For these recently traded guys, I went with more pre-game cameo shots than I normally would… but I just liked the photos.
2014 TSR #625 David Price

Austin Jackson has been traded twice in his career, and both times it was a blockbuster-esque 3-team deal.
2014 TSR #540 Austin Jackson
Back in late 2009, he went from the Yankees to the Tigers in a trade that saw Max Scherzer, Curtis Granderson, Ian Kennedy, Edwin Jackson, Phil Coke and Daniel Schlereth change teams.

The Orioles took advantage of the Red Sox “We suck with you, we can suck without you” sale, and got an Andrew Miller rental for prospect Eduardo Rodriguez. I hope this doesn’t come back to bite the Birds in the butt. (Sorry, I know I shouldn’t let my Mets pessimism leak over to my Orioles fandom).
2014 TSR #559 Andrew Miller
Miller’s no stranger to being traded; he was part of the package of prospects that the Tigers sent to Florida for Miguel Cabrera. The Marlins also got Cameron Maybin, Burke Badenhop and a couple of other guys. I’d think you’d have to give the Tigers a teeny tiny little edge on that one.

Allen Craig wasn’t one of the players I had in mind when I started making these customs, but I just liked the way this one turned out.
2014 TSR #533 Allen Craig
I’ll freely admit that I make a bunch of customs and then throw them at the wall to see which ones stick.

To wrap things up for now, here are two of the pitchers that the Red Sox unloaded in their “looking towards 2015” deals.
2014 TSR #620 John Lackey

2014 TSR #598 Jake Peavy

1979 Customs Made During A Sleepless Night: Jackson, Thome, Farnsworth

The following customs were made around 2am this morning when I couldn’t sleep;  in the state I was in, I could very well have made some mistakes;  I in my half-asleep state I could’ve hidden the original German from the Choral finale to Beethoven’s 9th in there somewhere.  Who the heck knows.

The impetus for these customs was the Tigers/Rays game of this past Saturday where both teams wore 1979 throwback uniforms (the Rays throwbacks being completely fictional).  Plus, I’ve got this new toy in the form of a 1979 Topps template, and I want to play with it.  Wanna play!

I’ll start with the team which started it, and the player you’re probably least interested in among the three.  “Kyle Farnsworth?  Why Kyle Farnsworth?”  Well, I like Kyle Farnsworth, I’m not sure why…  Plus there’s only a certain number of photos of these “fauxback” uniforms I have to work with anyway.

Austin Jackson is another player I like, but I’ll admit that part of the reason might be that he’s a former Yankees prospect, and the best kind of Yankees prospect is a former Yankees prospect.  Unfortunately the Yankees got Curtis Granderson in that three-team trade; it would’ve been better if it were a “What were they thinking?” trade.

I like these retro Tigers road uniforms.  They shouldn’t ever ever ever change their home uniforms, but their road unis would benefit from a little more color than what they currently have.

Finally, I’m throwing in Jim Thome for grins.  The uniform isn’t a throwback, but he’s wearing a cartoon bird helmet similar to what the Orioles wore in 1979, and that’s close enough for me.  Did I mention my toy?  I gots a toy.

Ideally,  at least one of these teams would’ve had a banner-thingie which was a color other than yellow, but I have to stay true to the originals (or, in the case of the Rays, the original I made up a couple of weeks ago).