My first Heritage hit of 2012 – Jim Brosnan autograph

Heritage is really trying hard to suck me in this year.  On top of the design which is more visually appealing than the three previous years put together, I pulled this in the 5th pack I opened:

Brosnan pitched for the Cubs, Cardinals, Reds and White Sox over 9 years, compiling a 55-47 record with a 3.54 ERA.  What he’s probably best known for are his books “The Long Season” (written as a diary of the 1959 season) and “Pennant Race” (detailing the 1961 season).  “The Long Season” is a book I’ve long thought I should read, it was the first book that took an honest look at the life of a major leaguer.  Perhaps this is a sign that I should get off my duff and read it.

Campy Delayed-reaction Mojo

I’ve got a number of cards in my “in box”, either waiting on me to enter them into my inventory software, or just waiting on me to figure out what to do with them.  This card is one of those.  Back in 2004, I pulled it from a pack of… something.  Topps Something.  Couldn’t tell you.  As I wouldn’t normally consider a Bert Campaneris card to be something to add to my collection, it’s been in purgatory awaiting its fate.  After a while it grew on me and I decided to keep it, but by then I couldn’t remember what it was in order for me to enter it into my inventory.  So it sat in the box, an unjust fate for a card such as this.

It is a pretty nice card…  A photo which could’ve appeared on a 70’s Topps card…  A nice clean design, foil-stamped but not too gaudy…. on-card autograph.  What’s not to like?  I’m old enough to remember Campy from his key role with those A’s World Champion teams in the 70’s, so I definitely respect the player. The logical part of my brain might still be asking “But how do I inventory this card?”, but my emotional side just says “You don’t, you obsessive compulsive twit, just put it in the Miscellaneous binder and be done with it.”

…So welcome to my collection, 2004 Topps Something Bert Campaneris Auto.