“Hot Stove” Custom – Brad Ausmus Replaces Leyland As The Tigers’ Manager

2013-14 TSR Hot Stove #3A - Brad Ausmus

I actually don’t have a lot to say about this particular custom, other than that the Tigers cap logo was lifted from an image of Jim Leyland… So it’s like the passing of the torch.  Kind of.  Sort of.  In a matter of speaking.

Oh, I should mention, for those who may be coming in through search engines or other means, that this is another custom card from my “Hot Stove” set reflecting off-season changes.  The card’s design is based on the 1959 Bazooka set.

Beyond that, I think everybody knows the deal with Ausmus.  No managing experience, put in charge of a team with high expectations, yada yada yada.

Here’s a fun fact about Brad Ausmus:  Between 1996 and 2000 he was traded from the Tigers to the Astros, back to the Tigers and then back again to the Astros.  In the first two of these trades, C.J. Nitkowski was traded along with him.

Not enough for you?  I do feel like I need to do something else with this post… Um… How about a parallel version?  Here’s a mini.  Yay.
2013-14 TSR Hot Stove #3A - Brad Ausmus

Next week I’ll get back to customs of players.  I’ve got two in mind, we’ll see what happens.

Oddball Set Du Jour: 1993 Stadium Club Team Rockies

Back in 1993, there were a number of special Stadium Club team sets sold at Wal-Mart stores. The sets had 30 cards each, were sold in clear plastic hanger packs and were done for 16 different teams.

At the time, I would buy anything that pictured the expansion Rockies and Marlins players in their new uniforms, so I bought both sets at a card show.
1993 Stadium Club Team Rockies Andres Galarraga

As you can see, the cards have a unique design; not an attractive one to my eyes, but it’s different. It’s a little hard to tell from the scans, but the design featured a good amount of gold foil. The baseball and striping on the upper right is all gold foil.

While scanning cards from the Rockies sets, I noticed that the 1993 Rockies had 3 catchers who would later go on to manage in the Majors.

I don’t think I have to tell you which team Joe Girardi manages.
1993 Stadium Club Team Rockies Joe Girardi
Girardi was the starting catcher for the ’93 Rockies.

Eric Wedge recently stepped down as the Mariners’ manager, and has also managed the Indians.
1993 Stadium Club Team Rockies Eric Wedge
Wedge appeared in 9 games for the Rockies.

Brad Ausmus, who was recently named as the Tigers manager, never actually played for the Rockies. He’d been taken from the Yankees in the expansion draft and played in AAA until a July trade sent him to San Diego.
1993 Stadium Club Team Rockies Brad Ausmus

Here’s the back of Ausmus’ card.
1993 Stadium Club Team Rockies Brad Ausmus back

The other two Rockies catchers that year were Danny Sheaffer and Jayhawk Owens. Sheaffer managed the Princeton Rays in 2013, Owens has managed in the minors, but I couldn’t find where he is now.

According to my 2008 Standard Catalog of Baseball Cards, other teams which got these sets were the Braves, Cubs, Angels, White Sox, Marlins, Astros, Royals, Dodgers, Yankees, A’s, Phillies, Cardinals, Giants, Mariners and Rangers. I’ll feature a couple of Marlins tomorrow.