Team Coco, “Dandy” Throwbacks And The Guy Who Makes Me Say “Bastardo!”

Today’s customs were made for a variety of reasons…

Last week, I made an offer to make a custom for anybody who wanted to see their player on my 2014 TSR design. Gary over at Coco Crisp’s Afro leapt at the opportunity, and he requested – to nobody’s surprise – Coco Crisp.
2014 TSR #499 Coco Crisp
The deep, dark secret behind this custom… That’s a Seattle Mariner spring training batting cage in the background. Don’t tell Coco.

…and that offer still stands for everybody, all you have to do is ask.  Disclaimer:  I can only do these if there are images available to use.  Just as an example, I’ve got a post that’s waiting on a decent photo of Shlabotnik favorite Nolan Reimold in a Blue Jays uniform.

Moving right along, dubby dub, dubby dub…

Every time I see this Phillies pitcher enter a game, I clench my fist, narrow my eyes and bitterly exclaim “Bastardo!” in my best Telenovela voice.

2014 TSR #154 Antonio Bastardo

I don’t have anything against Antonio Bastardo, I just like to say his name that way.  I also promised a Bastardo! custom to Jim over at The Phillies Room.

This past Friday, the Orioles commemorated their 60th anniversary by wearing 1954 throwback uniforms. I’ve never been one to let some perfectly good throwbacks go to waste, so rather than spending my time being a productive member of society (or my household), I created a relatively quick throwback custom in the style of a 1954 Dan-Dee Potato Chip card.
2014 TSR 1954-1 Chris Tillman

For those of you who don’t recognize the name “Dan-Dee” but think the card looks familiar, this basic design was used for 2005 Fleer Tradition.

Finally, I wanted to give a little attention to Orioles catcher Caleb Joseph.

For those of you who don’t follow the O’s, Caleb Joseph is a 28-year-old rookie in his 7th year of professional baseball. When Matt Wieters went out for the season, Joseph got called up and was given a chance to prove himself at the Major League level.
2014 TSR #512 Caleb Joseph
He got off to a slow start with the bat, but Joseph has gotten hot and has homered in 5 straight games. I think that more than qualifies him for a custom.