“Hot Stove” Custom – Carlos Beltrán Turns To The Dark Side

So, it’s been about three weeks since Carlos Beltrán officially signed with the Yankees, even longer since it became known that he would be playing his home games in Yankee Stadium Mark III.
2013-14 TSR Hot Stove #9 - Carlos Beltran

…and you know what? I’m still pretty pissed off about it.

This isn’t the usual “I’m tired of the Yankees throwing money around like rock salt on a frozen sidewalk” (to use a topical simile).

This one feels a little like betrayal… sure, “betrayal” is a little stronger than I actually mean, but I can’t think of anything better.

This feels like I’ve got the voice of someone’s sobbing mother in my head…  “I whole-heartedly cheered for you when you were with the Mets… I never said a word against you when the 2006 NLCS ended with you taking a called third strike with the bases loaded… I cheered for the Cardinals last year just because you had never been to the World Series… I always include the accent mark over the “A” in your last name…

“To think of all the things  I’ve done… All that I’ve sacrificed…


At this point, I’m thinking the best-case scenario from my own selfish standpoint would be season-ending injuries to Carlos and Brian Roberts (assuming his deal ever becomes official), thus sparing me the anguish of seeing two players I collect wearing the wrong-colored pinstripes.

I hope the two of your are satisfied… breaking my heart like that…

So, what do you think?  Are there any maternal guilt trips I should’ve included in my little rant?

Oh, almost forgot… Just for grins, I created a 1/1 Magenta Printing Plate for this custom:

2013-14 TSR Hot Stove #9 - Carlos Beltran Magenta

I’ll try to make sure the next custom card comes with less angst and guilt.

…And speaking of the next custom…

Favorite Player On The Move?  Favorite Team Make A New Addition?

Would you like to see what a player will look like in his new uniform?  Make a request in the comments below, and I’ll do what I can to make one of my “Hot Stove” customs of your player! *

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Carlos, Fritz And The Box

…Not the name of an band or a film that played at Cannes, just three unrelated ideas that aren’t quite enough for their own post.

I went into this latest round of playoff with clear rooting interests (Cards & Tigers) but no real passion behind it.

Then I heard someone mention something about Carlos Beltran that I’d never realized…

1999 Upper Deck SP Top Prospects Carlos Beltran

This is Beltran’s 4th time in the NLCS – the previous times were 2004 with Houston, 2006 with the Mets, and last year with the Cards – but he’s never made it to the World Series.  That’s a shame because he’s such a good player in general, and has outstanding postseason numbers… In 42 postseason games, he’s batting .333 with 16 HR and 34 RBI.

I always liked Beltran in his 6.5 years with the Mets, and never blamed him for any team failures. So I’ve decided I’m not rooting for the Tigers or Cardinals… I’m rooting for Carlos!  Do it for Beltran!

Moving right along…

A couple of weeks ago I shared this recently-acquired 1969 Fritz Peterson card:
1969 Topps Fritz Peterson

It wasn’t until I was removing the card from my want list and putting it in a binder that I noticed the cartoon on the back:
1969 Topps Fritz Peterson Back

I’ve got a thing for baseball players who also played hockey, so this caught my attention.  “A top hockey player at Chicago”?  What does that mean?

It took a fair amount of Googling to find out what the cartoon was referring to, but I eventually found a reference to his playing semi-pro hockey in Chicago. OK, well, that’s less interesting than the cartoon made it sound.

The more interesting hockey fact I found out was that back in 1972/73, Fritz did color commentary on radio broadcasts of the New York Raiders of the World Hockey Association.  If you’ve never heard of the Raiders, that’s because they only lasted the one season under that name, changed its name to the Golden Blades and ended up leaving New York just 20 games into that second season.  While it would seem like a given that any wanna-be major professional league would have a team in New York, it seems that nobody in New York wanted anything to do with the WHA.

I wasn’t sure if there’d be any hockey cards which featured either the Raiders or Golden Blades, but I found an image of a 1973/74 Quaker Oats WHA card:

1973-74 Quaker Oats WHA Wayne Rivers

For what it’s worth, there’s currently a professional rugby team called the New York Raiders.

…and I didn’t even know there was professional rugby in the U.S.

And finally…

This past weekend I had the somewhat rare opportunity to attend a show, and my biggest purchase was this:
2013 Topps Series 2 Hobby Box

This is the first wax box I’ve bought in 10 years. Usually by the time I get the opportunity to buy a box, I’d already bought enough packs and blasters to make it somewhat pointless to make a major purchase.

This summer I’d gotten so caught up in organizing and blogging that I’ve bought relatively few packs, and I figured that instead of trying to play catch-up with retail blasters, I’d take a different approach.

I gave some thought to buying a hand-collated Series 2 set when I realized – Well crap, nobody makes hand-collated sets anymore.

Wax packs are more fun anyway… and I got this hobby box for… um… $32?  $33?  Something like that.

There were other things of interest I got at the show, but I’ll save that stuff for another time.

…and why is it that, whenever I have a couple of “small” ideas that I combine to make one post, they always grow when I write them out?

Congratulations to Santana and Thole and Baxter and Murphy and…

While I’m extremely happy for Johan Santana (and a bit concerned after he’s thrown two complete games in a row), and happy for the Mets and Mets fans everywhere, we shouldn’t forget that a no-hitter is an achievement for the whole team, from the pitch calling of Josh Thole to the defensive play behind Santana, especially the nice catch by Mike Baxter.

Admittedly, this isn’t the nice catch, it’s just a nice catch.  I’ve been meaning to post this card for a week or so, as Baxter is becoming one of my “Guys”.  He’s from Queens and he’s been fun to watch (in the few opportunities I’ve had to see him this year).

I had also been intending to post a custom of Carlos Beltran yesterday or today, since last night was his first game back at CitiField since being traded to the Giants last summer, but he did play a role in last night’s no-hitter, if indirectly.  He hit a shot down the third base line which caught the edge of the foul line and should’ve been fair, but was called foul.

I enjoyed Beltran’s 6.5 years in a Mets uniform, and although it would’ve been nice if he were healthy more often, I thought he was a good addition to the team.  I wish him nothing but the best with the Cardinals, and he’s certainly gotten off to a good start, leading the NL in homers and batting .287 with 42 RBI.

My Mets wall calendar is making me nervous

I’ve got a Mets wall calendar at work, and it seems like a bad omen when a player has appeared on the calendar;  either the player’s gone or is about to be gone through injury, trade or otherwise.  Here’s what happened to each player pictured on the calendar:

January:  Daniel Murphy – No problems here, other than there being rumors this week about him being traded.

February:  Ike Davis – missed the season with an injury

March:  Luis Castillo – A pariah when March started, unemployed when March ended.

April:  John Maine – had become a free agent over the offseason, didn’t pitch in the majors in 2011.

May: Jose Reyes – I don’t need to tell you what the story is here.

June:  Johan Santana – missed the season with an injury

July:  Jeff Francouer – had been traded during the 2010 season

August:  Francisco Rodriguez – had been traded at the All-Star break

September:  Carlos Beltran – had been traded to the Giants at the end of July

October:  Jason Bay – Still around but coming off a disappointing season

November:  Mike Pelfrey – Ditto

Now David Wright is on my calendar and I can’t help but wonder… is this an omen of something bad to come?  Will he get traded at the Winter Meetings?  Will he be walking down a Manhattan sidewalk and have a grand piano dropped on his head?

With any luck, only thing that’s headed out the door is the black hat and socks which David’s wearing.