Four Cool 1971’s, Four Random Comments

I’ve got four somewhat-recently-acquired 1971 Topps baseball cards;  I’ve got four comments.  Neither has anything to do with the other.
1971 Topps Dal Maxvill

Every time someone talks about ways to increase offense in baseball, the one point they bring up is that “It’s time to bring the DH to the National League!”

I find that argument to be similar to this one:  “I don’t have a girlfriend.   My friend Skippy doesn’t have a girlfriend.  Girls like hot cars.  Skippy has a Corvette.  I need a Corvette.”

I prefer baseball without the DH, but I’ve become resigned to the idea that it’s just a matter of time before the DH is universal… That doesn’t mean I won’t point out weak, agenda-filled rationalizations when I see them.

1971 Topps Vada Pinson

I’m not a fan of Country music, but I kinda like Johnny Cash.  I would like to say that the fake crowd noise on “Johnny Cash Live At Folsom Prison” is really annoying.

1971 Topps Cesar Geronimo

There’s one line in the Beach Boys song “California Girls” that I never understood… Not until recently when I was listening to it through headphones and I had an epiphany.  The line is:  “I dig a French bikini on Hawaiian Island dolls by a palm tree in the sand”.  David Lee Roth clearly never knew what the line was either, because on his version he’s singing gibberish between “bikini” and “by a palm tree”.

1971 Topps Chris Short

Doesn’t it seem like Jack Black and Jack White should collaborate on a project?

From The Vault: 1977 Pepsi-Cola Collection

These cards were inserted into cases of Pepsi in 1977, and given that they were produced by Ohio’s local bottler of Pepsi and other fine beverages, the set is stacked with Reds and Indians.  I’ve got two of these, this one and Reds pitcher Gary Nolan.

1977 Pepsi Cesar Geronimo

If you’re at all familiar with Seventies oddballs,  you’ll recognize these as being produced by MSA (Mike Schechter Associates).  The “ball” part is punched out so that you can remove it from the rest of the “card”.

1977 Pepsi back

If you look closer at the back of the card, there’s an offer to redeem Pepsi capliners (the little plastic thingies in the top of a bottle cap) for 4 “Personalized Superstar Shirts”, each one featuring a different Reds and Indians star: Pete Rose, Rico Carty, Joe Morgan and Rick Manning. I find it interesting that they offered adult sizes… I wonder how many adults there were walking around with a shirt that said “To My Buddy Joe, Best Wishes, Rico Carty”.

…and how many of you wish you could travel back 36 years and get a t-shirt?

1977 Pepsi Gary Nolan

I got these two cards close to thirty years ago; I was hanging out in a card shop, BSing with the owner, and he asked me to help him move a small display case. Nolan and Geronimo were my reward for the use of my “muscle” (used very facetiously).