“Rainbow Friday”: Because Nothing Is Black When You’ve Got 1972’s

Yes, I’ve still got more COMC “Black Friday” goodies to share with you.  Today I’ve got several 1972 Topps cards that were on my “complete series 3 and 4” wantlist.

1972 Topps Clay Carroll IA

1972 Topps Dave Concepcion

1972 Topps Frank Howard

1972 Topps Johnny Bench IA

I guess they could be considered “Red Friday” cards… it’s funny, since only one of the cards actually says “Reds” on it, it wasn’t until I saw them here in this post that I’d realized that three of the four were Cincinnati Reds… and it looks to me like all three of those photos were taken at San Francisco’s Candlestick Park.

Frank Howard has a red cap, but it’s a Senators cap masquerading as a cap of the newly-relocated Texas Rangers.  Now that I think of it, it’s interesting that even the hi # Rangers cards feature airbrushed hats.