1976 SSPC #171 – Cookie Rojas (Royals)

1976 SSPC #171 Cookie Rojas

Cookie Rojas… played 16 years in the Majors, mainly with the Phillies and Royals.  He was an All-Star five times and during his career he played every position at least once, including an inning of scoreless relief – While with the Phils, he pitched the 9th inning of a 12-3 loss to the Giants on 6/30/67.

Cookie is currently an Analyst on the Miami Marlins’ Spanish-language broadcasts.

In 1976, Cookie Rojas… became a part-time player;  he’d been the starting 2nd baseman in 1975, but in 1976 he lost his starting job to the up-and-coming Frank White.  He batted .242 in 63 games.

This card is… very faded.  Well, actually it’s not the card that’s faded, you can tell by the strong black borders… it’s just the photo that’s faded

Shea-o-meter:  This photo was taken at Shea Stadium;  here are the current counts for where photos in this set were taken:
Shea:  26
Pretty sure it’s Shea:  5
Can’t tell:  5
Not Shea:  5

Betcha didn’t know… In 1962, while a rookie with the Reds, he started at second in the first ever game at Dodger Stadium, and then later got his first Major League off of Sandy Koufax.

1976 SSPC #171 Cookie Rojas back

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1976 SSPC #171: Cookie Rojas

1976 SSPC #171 Cookie Rojas Hi, I’m Cookie Rojas!  You may remember me from… 16 years in the majors, mostly with the Phillies and Royals, and 5 All-Star teams.

In 1976, Rojas… Was on the decline and lost the starting second base job to Frank White.

2013 Joe wonders… How did he get a nickname like “Cookie”?

So… take your time… and tell me… Is it Shea?  Yes, it’s Shea.  The photographer of this set was very fond of having the third base line stands in the background.

Random Thoughts… A photo as washed-out as this would’ve fit right in to 1957 Topps.

1976 SSPC #171 Cookie Rojas backBetcha didn’t know… that Cookie came up with the Reds, played part of one season for the Cardinals and managed the Marlins for one game.