Look What Mom Brought Home From The Store! (’15/’16 Hot Stove #1)

It’s a great day, everybody!  It’s Saturday!

Not only is it Saturday, but Mom… Your dear, sweet, loving mother…
2013 Gintfunkel Betty Crocker 7
…Your dear, sweet, loving mother who has a side gig as Betty Crocker was in a good mood when she went shopping.

Instead of buying a case of off-brand Kashi from the wholesale club like she usually does, she came home from the store with *good* cereal.

…And not just good cereal, but good cereal with a PRIZE!
Coco Crisp Cereal Box
…And look at what it says on the front…  There’s a baseball card inside!


Aw, man… I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait to see what card it is… Is Mom looking?  She’s not?  Cool, I’ll dig down into the cereal to see who we got…

Check it out, it’s the card from the front the box!  Craig Kimbrel, the Red Sox’ new closer!
2015-16 TSR Hot Stove #1b - Craig Kimbrel
The Padres traded Kimbrel to Boston for a package of prospects… Time will tell how good a trade this was for both teams.

I know some of you would eat box after box of Coco Crisp cereal, but if it’s not your favorite, don’t worry. Mom bought it this week because it’s the most obvious — Um, ahhhh, I mean, she bought it because it was on sale… Yeah, that’s it.  But Mom likes to keep everybody happy, so next week I’m sure she’ll have something else.

Mom also loves you so much that if this “Mom” is not your favorite, she’d consider using her shape-shifting abilities to change into whichever mom you might want… and she’s open to suggestions… But remember, you may love Kate Upton, but KATE UPTON IS NOT YOUR MOM.

Mom thinks it’s creepy that you were even thinking that.

For the benefit of my newer readers, let me explain a little bit about my “Hot Stove” custom set…

First off, I’m weird. You likely figured that out on your own, but let me tell you one of the specific ways that I’m weird. During the offseason I get my artistic jollies by creating custom baseball cards which feature baseball players “photoshopped” into the uniforms of their new teams.

This is my fourth year of doing this set. I started off in 2012 with a modest little set based on the Bazooka sets from 1960 to 1962…
2012-13 Hot Stove #7 - Zack Greinke
My photoshopping skills were still in their early stages.

In 2013, I did another set based on the 1959 Bazooka set.
2013-14 TSR Hot Stove #8 - Ian Kinsler
I really love this 1959 design and would be collecting the original set if it weren’t such a budget-busting proposition.

Unfortunately, I find the remaining vintage Bazooka sets to be nowhere near as appealing as those two sets, so for 2014 I made the leap to creating faux 3-D cards, starting with the 1974 Kellogg’s set.
2014-15 TSR Hot Stove #5 Hanley Ramirez

I had so much fun doing the Kellogg’s “2-D Superstars” sets that I’m back this year with the 1976 Kellogg’s design.  I did a one-off cereal box in a single post last year, but then started getting ideas for others so I’m doing a series of cereal boxes this time around.

I’ve also got plans for a special “insert” set that I will use when I’m featuring an image that I did not alter, like with the unveiling of the new uniforms for the Diamondbacks and Padres.  I wanted to have a completely separate card design… You know, to make it clear that this was an image I hadn’t futzed with.  The design I’ll be using for that set is based on an obscure 1960’s sports set that I recently discovered and really like… But I expect that few of you will know this set. Intrigued yet?  I will try to get one of these inserts in next week’s box.

2012 Topps Craig Kimbrel, Craig Kimbrel and Craig Kimbrel; plus Topps Tracker #7

This weekend I started sorting my 2012 cards by team, and I realized something… Among my Braves cards was the regular Craig Kimbrel card…

…and the Rookie Cup Craig Kimbrel card…

…and the rookie saves record/checklist Craig Kimbrel card…

All I can say is I will be pissed if any of the players I collect isn’t represented in 2012 Topps while Craig Kimbrel gets three cards.


…and now on to the 2012 Topps Tracker!  This week’s numbers reflect 3 loose retail packs I bought.

Money spent:  $74.75;  1 blaster, 7 hobby packs, 5 retail packs, 2 hanger packs

Base cards:  312

Minis: 10

Target Parallels:  13

Beerfractor parallels:  6

Manupatches:  1

Relics:  1

Code cards:  7

Other Inserts:  37

Base set progress:  218 cards (66.1% complete)
Mini set progress:  10 cards (20% complete)