1976 SSPC: #33 Darrel Chaney (Reds/Braves)

1976 SSPC #33 Darrel Chaney

Darrel Chaney… Was a shortstop/utility infielder who played 11 seasons in the majors, mainly with the Reds and Braves and mainly as a reserve.  He played in the 1970, 1972 and 1975 World Series.  Due to an off-season trade, he’s listed on the back of the card as a Brave, which is why this post’s subject line lists both teams.

In 1976, Darrel Chaney… was the Braves starting shortstop after being acquired from the Reds for Mike Lum.  He hit a career-high .252, and drove in a career-high 50 runs.  He also lead the NL with 37 errors, but don’t tell him I said that.

Betcha didn’t know… Chaney was an All-American quarterback in high school and turned down 35 football scholarships to sign with the Reds.

About this card… As you can see on the back of the card (below), Chaney was traded on 12/12/75, making it one of the later trades to be reflected in this set.

That’s an interesting knob on Darrel’s bat… or at least interesting to me.  It’s more of a flaring-out of the bat than a proper knob, and I didn’t know they did that in 1975… but I’m anything but an expert on bats, so don’t listen to me.  I’m just talkin’ here.

I tried to figure out who’s in the batting cage behind Chaney.  It looks like the number on the uniform is 31;  if that’s the case then the player is pitcher Clay Kirby.  Anybody have any other suggestions?

1976 SSPC #33 Darrel Chaney back