1976 SSPC: #522 Duane Kuiper… or is it Rick Manning?

1976 SSPC #522 Duane Kuiper Rick Manning

One of the bigger errors in the 1976 SSPC set was mixing up the photos of Cleveland’s Duane Kuiper and Rick Manning. Kuiper’s card has Manning’s photo and vice versa… and since there’s nothing on the front of the card other than the photo and a plain border, you’ve essentially got a Manning front and a Kuiper back.

So which guy do I make this post about? What the heck, I’ll do both.  It’s pretty interesting how their careers parallel each other.

Duane Kuiper was a 2nd baseman who played with the Indians and Giants from 1975 to 1985.  He’s currently a TV announcer for the Giants, a position he’s held for 19 years.

Rick Manning was an outfielder who played with the Indians and Brewers from 1975 to 1987.  He’s currently a TV announcer for the Indians, a position he’s held for 23 years.

In 1976, Duane Kuiper… was the Indians’ starting second baseman and had the best fielding percentage of any A.L. 2B.

In 1976, Rick Manning… was the Indians’ starting center fielder and had the 4th best fielding percentage of any A.L. CF… Oh, and he won a Gold Glove.

Betcha didn’t know… Duane Kuiper was drafted as a shortstop and was the Indians’ first round pick in the 1972 January secondary draft.  He was drafted by the Yankees, Pilots, White Sox, Reds and Red Sox before he was drafted and signed by the Indians.

Betcha also didn’t know… Rick Manning was drafted as a shortstop and was the Indians’ first round pick in the June 1972 draft.  He was taken second overall, behind Padres 3B Dave Roberts.

1976 SSPC #522 Duane Kuiper back

1979 Hostess Duane Kuiper; Weigh-in #34

I’ve always though that this cap logo is one of the better ones – or maybe ‘interesting’ is a more apt description – that the Indians have had.

It’s also a logo that the Indians stopped wearing after 1977, so this photo was at least 2 years old when the card was issued.

Duane Kuiper had a 12 year career with the Indians and Giants, but at this stage he’s better known as a baseball announcer;  he’s in his 28th year (all but one with the Giants) and has won seven local Emmy awards.

In 2004, the fans in Cleveland voted him as one of the greatest 100 players in Indians history.

He’s also famous for hitting just one home run in 3,379 career at bats. Interestingly enough (to some, anyway), the homer was hit off of Steve Stone, who has also had a long career in broadcasting.

I found one source that said the homer was hit on 7/27/77, but it was actually hit on 8/29/77.  Remember to always verify your research, boys and girls.


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