1974 Week: Gary Matthews and Frank Robinson

Nice action shot – or “just-after-the-action shot” – from Shea  Stadium… Wayne Garrett is the Met standing on third, and John McNamara is the Giants’ third base coach.

For those of you who wonder about partial ads in the background, above the 396 mark on the fence is the bottom of an ad for Manufacturers Hanover, a New York bank of the period.

Gary Matthews is the father of recent (and overpaid) Major Leaguer Gary Matthews, Jr.

While trying to confirm that John McNamara was the third base coach of the Giants, I found a February 3rd, 1974 article from the Modesto Bee about how John McNamara was hired as the third manager of the Padres… but what raised my eyebrows was the line “…after team  officials decided against making Maury Wills the first black manager in the Major Leagues…”  I’d never heard about this before, I’ll have to do more research.  The article quoted the team officials as saying they were looking for someone with more experience.

…and here’s the guy who would become the first black manager (and another cool card).