I’ve Softened A Bit On 2013 Archives… But I’m Still Bugged By Things Like THIS

A few weeks ago, I bought a rack pack of 2013 Archives and my reaction at the time was “meh”.

Since then, I’ve put the 18 cards I got into my binders of current team rosters, and I have to admit, I like the way they look in those binders.

But little things about this set just bug me. At the top of that list is this card:
2013 Topps Archives Gio Gonzalez

On the surface, there’s nothing objectionable about the card, except when you consider that a 1985 Expos card looks like this:

1985 Topps Dave Palmer

I expect to get a little “Natitude” from Nats fans who insist that the Nationals are NOT the Expos.  Fine, I’m not going to argue that point.

…But why use the color scheme used on the Cardinals’ cards when the Expos scheme would’ve looked much nicer?  …Especially given that there’s red and (navy) blue in the Nats colors, but no yellow.

OK, I’ve said my peace.  You can all get on with your day now.

2012 Heritage: Meet the new Gio, same as the old Gio

Here’s something I’d noticed while updating my team binders… This is Gio Gonzalez photoshopped into his new Nationals uniform…

…and here’s Gio Gonzalez from last year’s Heritage set.  Hmmm… Something about this photo seems strangely… familiar.

The odd thing is that on closer examination, it appears that they are two different photos.   Look at the railings behind Gio’s cap, they don’t match between the two.  It’s possible that they just took the image of Gio, separated it from the background and adjusted it slightly so it looks like a different photo, but that seems like it would be more trouble than it’s worth.  I want to say his expression is ever-so-slightly different in the two, but that might be just my mind playing tricks on me.

What’s really funny is that the black and white photo on this year’s card is almost the same pose as the other two.  Topps obviously bought their Gio Gonzalez photos in bulk from Costco.