Weigh-in #8

Among the items I dropped off at Goodwill yesterday were 3,547 unwanted cards (coming soon to a repack near you!) and a Jose Reyes t-shirt.  The Reyes shirt was my last Mets shirt suitable for public wearing.  If I bought a new Mets shirt, would that be propping up the crumbling Wilpon empire in some infinitesimal way?  After all, the proceeds from a t-shirt purchase would cover the Mets operating costs for 1/64th of a second… maybe 1/32nd.

As for the cards… getting rid of cards this way is not my preferred method, but it was all commons and parallels (not to mention NASCAR stuff) that I really didn’t have the time or desire to deal with in any other way.

Numbers for this week:

Cards coming into the house:  0

Cards leaving the house:  3,547

Cards entering the collection:  1 (opened a blaster-pack of 2011 Update)

Cards leaving the collection:  0

Cards moving from inbound to outbound without entering the collection: 7  (Obviously it wasn’t a good pack of Update)

To date:

Net change in the collection: -240

Net change to the # of cards in the house:  -4121