Hot Stove: Breakfast With The Captain

It was just one of those cravings that came out of nowhere… I was at work and really wanted some Cap’n Crunch.  By the time lunch rolled around I ran out to the store to get a box and some milk… but in the process I must have unknowingly stumbled through a wormhole and ended up in “Yankees Universe” because all they had in the store was this:
Cap'n Clutch Cereal Box
OK, so it wasn’t really what I was looking for, but it comes with baseball cards… Funny how the box says “free baseball card”, but the boxes seem to always have two cards.  Poor quality control, that’s what it is.  …Not that we’re complaining…

Let’s see what we’ve got… Hey, it’s the guy whose reign as the player with the highest average salary lasted for just a few days, David Price!
2015-16 TSR Hot Stove #5 - David Price
No sooner had every publication and website in existence written headlines that played off of “The Price Is Right”, when his most bodacious salary was surpassed by Zack Greinke’s contract with the Diamondbacks.  I’m not sure that either team will get their $30+M worth per year, but I’m also notoriously wrong about these things, so I’ll just go ahead and congratulate the 2016 league champion Red Sox and Diamondbacks.

This cereal box was clearly an AL East “hot box”, because the last card was of the Orioles’ new Korean import, Hyun-Soo Kim.
2015-16 TSR Hot Stove CFL-3 Hyun-Soo Kim
I wish I knew what to expect from Hyun-Soo Kim… Hell, I wish I knew what to expect from the Orioles in 2016.

For anyone who missed the prior two cards with this design, this one is based on the 1965 Topps Canadian Football League set… and I’ll try to get my hands on a real card from this set before the Hot Stove season is over.

…And just to reiterate the reason for the  two designs… The “1976 Kellogg’s” design features images I’d digitally manipulated, while the “1965 CFL” design uses un-photoshopped images.