“Hot Stove”: You’ve Got The Virtual Baseball Cards, Now Get The Virtual Cereal!

I’ve been making custom faux-3D baseball cards based on the 1974 Kellogg’s design for a while now.  During that time, it never occurred to me to take things to the next level until CommishBob from The Five Tool Collector complemented my customs by saying that “They look like they came right out of a Kellogg’s box”.

Had my wife been in the room at the moment I read his comment, she surely would’ve seen the cartoon light bulb pop on over my head.

After all, where should virtual Kellogg’s cards come from if not from a virtual cereal box?
2014 Cereal Box

If I do another batch of 3-D cards next winter (and I’m leaning towards using the 1976 Kellogg’s design, but that’s a long way away yet), I’ve got an idea to do a series of boxes as well… and those posts may well be like this one in that you won’t know what custom you get until you’re past the box and find that it contains…

Yoenis Céspedes!  After being traded to the Red Sox at the end of July, he found himself being traded to Detroit less than 5 months later.
2014-15 TSR Hot Stove #20 Yoenis Cespedes
If you combine the two Céspedes trades together as if it were one three-way trade that took a really long time to finalize, the Red Sox gave up Jon Lester, Johnny Gomes, Alex Wilson, minor leaguer Gabe Speier and cash for Rick Porcello and a 2015 competitive balance round B pick… given that Lester and Gomes became free agents, I would say the Sox came out alright on that one.

Getting back to the general concept of “Things I’d like to do differently next time”, I’m thinking I might carry two “Hot Stove” designs… One for the players I photoshop into new uniforms (like above) and one for the players who were photographed in a new uniform, like the Nelson Cruz showing off new alternate uniforms a couple of weeks ago, or like this Ichiro, which I did this way because I couldn’t bring myself to finish photoshopping him after I found this photo where it wasn’t obvious that he’s wearing a jersey over a dress shirt.
2014-15 Hot Stove 1968 Insert Ichiro
You know, just to make it easier to distinguish between “This is Matt Kemp photoshopped into a new uniform” and “This is Joe Mauer from a press conference where he was modeling the Twins’ new home uniforms”.

As of right now, I’ve got an idea in mind for the design of this “insert set” in the 2015/16 Hot Stove release, and it’s not based on a Kellogg’s set… but like I said, plenty of time there.

As long as I’m writing, I’ll just mention that my travels yesterday took me past three different Target stores and none of them had 2015 Topps… Although one had a shopping cart full of sealed cases that said things like “New Releases”, “Excell Marketing”, and “Display immediately”. Thanks, guys.

“Shoulda Been” 2013 Heritage #2: Ichiro Suzuki


Ichiro is missing from 2013 Topps products, and if there’s been any explanation for that beyond the obvious, I haven’t seen it.

It doesn’t seem right that Ichiro doesn’t have a Topps card, so here’s a custom Heritage card:

2013 Schmeritage Ichiro Suzuki

Since Ichiro, or someone representing him, doesn’t want to play nice with collectors, I’m not going to play nice with Ichiro; I created this custom using his last name. So there, Mr. Suzuki. Nanny nanny boo boo.

I have an outstanding request (or really two requests) for more “Shoulda Been” Heritage cards, and I’ll get to those as soon as I have time to make them.

Meanwhile, if there’s someone who you think should have a Topps card and doesn’t, leave a comment and I’ll try my best to rectify the situation.

It’s The End Of The World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine)

That’s great, it starts with an earthquake, birds and snakes and aeroplanes, Ichiro in a Yankee trade…

After being caught off guard by Ichiro going to the Yankees – mainly because I hadn’t seen any rumor involving Ichiro or the Yankees – I had a few thoughts run through my head.

One of my first thoughts was “Will they give him Bernie Williams’ #51?”, and we later found out that the answer is “No”.  And does that mean they will eventually retire the number?  I hope so.  I want them to retire Bernie and Jeter and Rivera and Posada!  I want to see starting players wearing numbers in the 40’s and 50’s!  I want to see hexadecimal uniform numbers in my lifetime!

A tournament a tournament a tournament of lies

Offer me solutions, offer me alternatives and I decline

What kind of dumbass catchphrase will Yankee Radio Irritant John Sterling come up with?  My best guess is “A mighty blow… by Ichiro!”  I’m looking forward to rolling my eyes at whatever he comes up with.

Danny Farquhar?  The Mariners traded for Danny Farquhar?  Seriously?  The guy who’s been through waivers twice this season?  The guy the Mariners could’ve picked up on waivers twice?  I know it’s a 2-month rental of a declining player, but still…


Selfish thought and shameless plug:  Does this mean that someone’s going to buy the Ichiro cards I  have out on COMCPlug plug plug – Five different inexpensive cards, all discounted at least 69%?  – Plug plug plug.   For a future Hall Of Famer, the dude does not seem to sell that well.  Maybe the Yankee connection will change that.

Birthday party, cheesecake, jellybean, boom.

I’d include more lines from the song if I could make out what Michael Stipe is saying.