Saved From The Purge: More Early 1990’s Upper Deck

I’ve been purging most of the Upper Deck cards from my collection, and what follows are cards that were spared my wrath, even though they wouldn’t normally fit in my collection.

I saved this one because I liked the fairly unusual angle of this action shot.
1991 Upper Deck Carlos Martinez
Two trivial facts about Carlos Martinez:
1) He hit the home run in 1993 that bounced off of Jose Canseco’s head
2) He is the first of three Major Leaguers named Carlos Martinez. Number 3 is currently in the Cardinals bullpen.

1991 Upper Deck Scott Ruskin Back

As long as I’m dishing out the trivia, Scott Ruskin started out as a 1B/OF in the Pirates system, and switched over to pitching in 1989, the year before his MLB debut.

She’s got legs, she knows how to use ’em…
1992 Upper Deck Jack Morris back
…and sensible shoes and an early ’90’s jacket…

For some reason, I really enjoy “Being interviewed on ESPN” shots. I might have to make a theme out of that.

Jack Morris lead the American League in wild pitches three straight years and five overall.

At various points he also lead the AL in less-interesting categories like wins, strikeouts, complete games, shutouts, innings pitched…

From The Vault: Complete Drake’s Box Featuring 1987 Super Pitchers Cards

I’ve got a couple of complete Drake’s boxes in the box on the closet shelf officially known as “The Vault”.  When I first unearthed these, my first reaction was something along the lines of “coooooool!” …maybe even “kewl”, but that’s a dated reference, isn’t it?  Forget I said it.

1987 Drake's Ring Dings Gooden Morris

But things have changed a bit now that I’m trying to find a better place to keep all the things I’m finding within “The Vault”.  I’ve pulled stuff out of boxes, I’ve enjoyed looking through it, but what I’m trying not to do at this point is to just throw it all back in the box and stick it back in the closet.

So wrappers and box bottoms and the like are being put into single-pocket pages and put into appropriate binders.  Anything else that can go in a binder is going in a binder.
1987 Drake's Ring Ding Box

But a complete Drake’s box?  What do I do with that?  It’s cool, but not cool enough to put on display… and it’s much too big to go in a binder.

I don’t know… Maybe it will end up back in a box on a closet shelf.

Does anybody have any suggestions?