Joe’s Favorites: 1975 Topps Football, Part 1

Last week I wrote about completing the 1975  Topps Football set and I shared some key cards I got along the way…  But “key” doesn’t necessarily mean “favorite”, and I wanted to share some of the cards that make me like this set enough to complete it.

Let’s start with an action shot… And I don’t know if there’s a better one in the entire set.  An airborne Dolphins defensive end Bill Stanfill absolutely nails Bills QB Joe Ferguson.
1975 Topps Football Bill Stanfill

I’ve had this Jerrel Wilson card since I was a kid… and since I was a kid I thought that Wilson looked like Frank Gorshin, a.k.a. The Riddler from the 1960’s Batman TV show.  Can’t you just hear the  manic giggling?  Imagine if he were with the Packers or Eagles, teams with green jerseys?

1975 Topps Football Jerrel Wilson

If you lean more towards Star Trek than Batman, you can imagine him saying “Are you blind?  I’m black on the right side, and he’s white on the right side!”

This Bob Griese card also made an impression on me as a kid.  Gosh, he looks like such a nice guy!  It didn’t hurt that I also had the 1974 Wonder Bread Bob Griese which used the same photo.

1975 Topps Football Bob Griese

The heck with Mean Joe Greene, Bob Griese would’ve given me his jersey right up front without having to give him a Coke first. “Hey, kid! You wanna drive my Porsche? Sure, it’s OK… Here are my keys – catch!”

This last one I include just because it’s Tim Berra…  That’s right, it’s Yogi’s boy!  …and former Pirate Dale Berra’s brother!  I think this may be Tim’s only card, as he played only in the 1974 season.  Although he’s listed as a Wide Receiver, he was mainly used on punt and kickoff returns.

1975 Topps Football Tim Berra

…and speaking of returns, I will return with more of my favorites from 1975 Football!