“Hot Stove”: Catchers In Cars Getting Coffee

Even though I’m not a huge “Holiday Person”, I’ve still been very busy the past week or two. Everything’s been conspiring to keep me from things I really should be doing, like cleaning up the garage, organizing that file cabinet drawer, fixing leaky faucets…

…and most egregiously, making customs! I haven’t made one in nearly two weeks! *GASP*!!!!!

Fortunately for everybody involved, I had a couple in reserve, including one that features this winter’s first big splash, Russell Martin signing with the Blue Jays. Martin got a write-in vote or two when I ran a “Who should I do next?” poll, and if anyone was wondering why he wasn’t in the poll in the first place, it’s because I’d already created this custom, I just hadn’t published it.
2014-15 TSR Hot Stove #9 Russell Martin
For some reason, I always forget that Russell Martin is Canadian and his going to Toronto is a homecoming of sorts.

I made the Hot Stove Martin about a month ago, and the fact that it was something of a pain to accomplish is the only thing keeping me from re-doing this one. I’m not happy with the way the background “sells” the 3-D, and there’s a mistake on here that seems glaring to me, but I might have to point out to anybody else.

“Hey, everybody! Check out this custom I made but don’t like!”

As compensation for my kvetching, I’ll feature another custom, one that could be regarded as an “insert” to this set.

A while ago I ran across an image of Jerry Seinfeld wearing a Mets jersey, and I filed it away knowing that I’d use it at some point.

Today, that point has come.
2014-15 TSR Hot Stove #7 Jerry Seinfeld
Jerry Seinfeld is a huge Mets fan and seems like the kind of guy that any baseball fan would like to hang out with at a game, so it seems appropriate to put him on a baseball card, even just a virtual one.

And with that, The Shlabotnik Report brings 2014 to a close. I’d like to wish everybody a happy and healthy year in 2015!