Autopilot, Day 6: Three MLB Showdown Cards Of Met Pitchers Wearing Black Jerseys

2000 MLB Showdown Orel Hershiser
2000 MLB Showdown Orel Hershiser

2001 MLB Showdown Kevin Appier
2001 MLB Showdown Kevin Appier

2003 MLB Showdown Jesse Orosco
2003 MLB Showdown Jesse Orosco

A Day Late And A Cartoon Short

If I were more on top of things, I would’ve re-posted this artwork yesterday on MAY THE FOURTH:
Cardboard Yoda

This was created for the first (and so far only) post in an intended series called “Cardboard Yoda”.  I still have intentions of doing more posts in that series, if I can come up with any wisdom to impart on all y’all.

…Oh, and this is the last “Autopilot” post for now.  I’ll be back in the game in the next day or two.

Don’t Panic

Did you ever lose something and no matter how hard you look, you can’t for the life of you figure out where it got to?  Everybody’s had that happen at some time, right?

…But let me ask you this:  Have you ever lost an entire set of 600+ cards?

How about five sets?

It all started this past weekend… I decided to do more purging from my collection, and at the top of my hit list was my accumulation of Bowman cards and much of the 1990 Donruss set.  Bowman took up a good part of my “card time” this weekend because the cards were stored all over the place and I didn’t want to purge all of them, just the Wes Swackhamers and other such players who have no significance to me and don’t look like they ever will… no offense intended, Wes.

1990 Donruss Darren DaultonWhen I was done with the Bowman I figured 90D wouldn’t take much time to go through, so I made a quick search for it, couldn’t find it, and decided to leave it for later.

So after work on Monday I started going through the various boxes in my man cave as well as the stack of 5000 count boxes in another part of the house, and couldn’t find 1990 Donruss.

By this point, I’m starting to get preoccupied with it.  If 90D isn’t in my boxes, then where the ***** is it?  And if I’m missing 1990 Donruss, what else might I be missing?  I started looking anyplace I could think of where entire boxes of cards could be hiding.  In the guest room closet, under the couch in the living room,  inside a disused entertainment center, buried under debris on my man cave table…

The more I searched and failed, the more it bugged crap out of me… and what bugged me wasn’t so much that I couldn’t find 1990 Donruss; after all, I was looking for it so I can get rid of it.  What bothered me was that it was a sizable amount of cards that I couldn’t lay hands on and I had no idea of where they went to.  I think part of me also was thinking that if I found 90D, I’d find some of the other long lost items in my collection.

After taking a quick inventory, I figured out two things:  First, that all 13 of my 3000 – 5000 count boxes are accounted for;  second, I also didn’t know where 1987 and 1989 Topps, 1989 Score and 1987 Fleer were.  It was a relief to know that if they’re truly lost and if I wanted to replace them all, it would cost me, what?  $50?

But it still kept eating at me, even though dinner.  My wife said something to me, but I was so preoccupied that all I heard were Charlie Brown muted trumpet noises.  Wah wah wah waaaahhhhh.  All the while, I’m mentally exploring the house, trying to think of places I hadn’t looked yet.

I remembered I had boxes of doubles in the attic, or at least I thought they were doubles.  I opened one large moving box and inside I found a few smaller boxes and found a note to myself:  “I think that these are all doubles”.


So I brought the box downstairs and started pulling stuff out.

NASCAR doubles.  *sigh*… I thought I’d gotten rid of all my racing cards.

Topps Hockey stickers.  A couple of hundred hockey stickers.  I have hockey stickers?  When did I buy hockey stickers?

Donruss Action All-Star doubles… Yep, gotta recycle those bad boys!   …Once I confirm that they are actually doubles.

1990 Donruss Jesse Orosco And then I found the elusive 90D.  Praise the Lord and pass the recycling bin!

…but there’s still no sign of the Topps and Fleer sets.  Damn.  The saga continues…

So I’ve got to ask… Has anyone else ever lost multiple large sets of cards?  Let me know, and make me feel better about my cardboard equivalent of an EPA “Superfund” site.