What Would You Say To Some Pie?

It’s become fairly commonplace for someone getting interviewed during a postgame show to get a face full of pie. Like it or not, it’s part of the game these days, and I have no problem with cards that reflect things like this…
2013 Opening Day Ballpark Fun Johan Santana
…as long as it’s an insert or a variation, a category into which this 2013 Opening Day insert certainly falls.

Having pie on a player’s regular card, even if it’s “just” an update card…
2014 Topps Update Nick Hundley
…I’m going to file that under “not cool”.

Back in the day, one of the appeals of baseball cards was the ability to see what a player looked like. One could devoutly follow the game, listen to games on the radio, read newspaper articles, pore over boxscores, attend games from the upper deck, and still not really know what a player looked like.

That’s not the issue it used to be, but I still think that a baseball card should depict a player, or something the player is known to do or has accomplished… not something that was done to the player. That just seems wrong.

Now that Nick Hundley has moved on to the Rockies, are we going to end up with the only “Nick Hundley on the Orioles” card being one where he’s got a face full of pie? Regardless of whether there’s any demand for a card picturing Nick Hundley with the Orioles, it still doesn’t seem right.

So what do you think?  Should a baseball card always show the subject’s face, batting stance, pitching motion or something else specific to that player?  Would you sign this card if you were Nick Hundley?

If you don’t want to weigh in on that subject, here’s are some alternate discussion topics:

  • I love blueberry pie. What’s your favorite kind of pie?  Apple pie?  Pumpkin pie?  Peach pie?  Mince pie?  Felix Pie?  Pie Traynor?
  • What song would you listen to while eating your pie?  Don McLean’s “American Pie”? Led Zeppelin’s “Custard Pie”? The Beatles’ “Honey Pie” (or even better, “Wild Honey Pie”)?

Does Anyone Know The Way? There’s Got To Be A Way To Blockbuster!

If I’m not making semi-obscure references to 1970’s music, then I’m not doing my job.  Making comments on Topps Update cards is another part of my job…

I was surprised – in a good way – at the Blockbuster insert.  These are pretty nice looking cards, despite the huge “Trademark” symbols at the end of the team names.  I wonder if there’s a legal reason for this, that the symbol has to be a certain percentage of the text size, or if they just use the symbol that comes in that font and they don’t bother making it smaller.

“Well, that’s a pretty crappy photoshop job,” is what I said when I first saw this Eric Chavez card, but after a few seconds I realized that it was from the game where the Yankees and Red Sox both wore 1912 throwback uniforms.  OK, fine, it still looks weird.  I know a lot of people were gushing about those uniforms, but sometimes you can “throw back” too far.

Speaking of throwbacks, this C.J. Wilson card is the kind of card I like to see… almost, sorta.  As my regular readers know, I’ve been broadly hinting that Topps should feature throwback uniforms on throwback card designs, and we’ve certainly got that here… Unfortunately, it’s an early 1970’s uniform and a late 1980’s card, but I’ll give Topps some tiny little props anyway.  “Topps Propps”.  Wonder when that’ll end up on the shelves at Target….

Tyler Moore hit the go-ahead hit for the Nationals in Saturday’s Game 1.  Moore’s not exactly one of “my guys”, but I saw him play in the minors, which makes him a “potential guy”.  It’s always fun when a guy you’ve seen in the minors does good in the Majors.

What’s that? You want me to tell you what the subject line is referring to? It’s “Blockbuster” by Sweet… and if you want to get REALLY obscure, this song was one of the samples in “Doctorin’ The TARDIS” by The Timelords.

Congratulations to Santana and Thole and Baxter and Murphy and…

While I’m extremely happy for Johan Santana (and a bit concerned after he’s thrown two complete games in a row), and happy for the Mets and Mets fans everywhere, we shouldn’t forget that a no-hitter is an achievement for the whole team, from the pitch calling of Josh Thole to the defensive play behind Santana, especially the nice catch by Mike Baxter.

Admittedly, this isn’t the nice catch, it’s just a nice catch.  I’ve been meaning to post this card for a week or so, as Baxter is becoming one of my “Guys”.  He’s from Queens and he’s been fun to watch (in the few opportunities I’ve had to see him this year).

I had also been intending to post a custom of Carlos Beltran yesterday or today, since last night was his first game back at CitiField since being traded to the Giants last summer, but he did play a role in last night’s no-hitter, if indirectly.  He hit a shot down the third base line which caught the edge of the foul line and should’ve been fair, but was called foul.

I enjoyed Beltran’s 6.5 years in a Mets uniform, and although it would’ve been nice if he were healthy more often, I thought he was a good addition to the team.  I wish him nothing but the best with the Cardinals, and he’s certainly gotten off to a good start, leading the NL in homers and batting .287 with 42 RBI.

My Mets wall calendar is making me nervous

I’ve got a Mets wall calendar at work, and it seems like a bad omen when a player has appeared on the calendar;  either the player’s gone or is about to be gone through injury, trade or otherwise.  Here’s what happened to each player pictured on the calendar:

January:  Daniel Murphy – No problems here, other than there being rumors this week about him being traded.

February:  Ike Davis – missed the season with an injury

March:  Luis Castillo – A pariah when March started, unemployed when March ended.

April:  John Maine – had become a free agent over the offseason, didn’t pitch in the majors in 2011.

May: Jose Reyes – I don’t need to tell you what the story is here.

June:  Johan Santana – missed the season with an injury

July:  Jeff Francouer – had been traded during the 2010 season

August:  Francisco Rodriguez – had been traded at the All-Star break

September:  Carlos Beltran – had been traded to the Giants at the end of July

October:  Jason Bay – Still around but coming off a disappointing season

November:  Mike Pelfrey – Ditto

Now David Wright is on my calendar and I can’t help but wonder… is this an omen of something bad to come?  Will he get traded at the Winter Meetings?  Will he be walking down a Manhattan sidewalk and have a grand piano dropped on his head?

With any luck, only thing that’s headed out the door is the black hat and socks which David’s wearing.