Series 1 Of My 2013 TSR Custom Set is LIVE!

2013 TSR #45 - Josh BeckettAs the new season begins, it’s also time to unveil my custom 2013 TSR card design.

This will be my 5th season of custom cards, my 3rd original design, and my second set shared through this blog; You can view the cards from last year’s set in the “2012 TSR CUSTOM GALLERY” tab above.

If this were a real set, it would be issued in 6 series of 132 cards each, for a total of 792 cards. Cards would be printed on grey cardboard without gloss, foil, holograms, shortprints, parallels, relics or many other “innovations” of the past 25 years. Wax packs would be 15 cards for $1, come wrapped in wax paper and include a small pink strip designed to lovingly transfer a “bubblegum” smell on to the cards. This strip could also, in a pinch, be chewed as gum.

Also, if this were a real set, I’d be filing Chapter 11 somewhere around September… if all went well.

2013 TSR #100 - Josh HamiltonThis design evolved through my staring at cards and thinking things like “I really like how 1988 Topps has the team name floating in the air behind the player’s head”… but instead of making a custom 1988 card, I’d adapt that particular idea into my own design; think of another design element that I liked and incorporate that into my design; lather, rinse, repeat until I have something that I like which is more-or-less original.

For those who might actually be interested in the thought process that went into these, here is a list of my basic criteria when designing a set:

  • The template I create needs to be easy to work with and flexible enough to adapt to Highlights, All-Stars, managers and so on.
  • While I prefer vertical sets, I like designs which also work horizontally (think of Topps in 1971, 1973, 1974 and 2007-2013).
  • Colors are limited to those which occur in the Topps palette of the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s.
  • Each team has an assigned color scheme, one which is not necessarily that team’s colors. Ideally I’d have a different color scheme for every team, but I don’t know if it’s possible to do that for 30 teams without getting into some fugly color combinations.

2013 TSR #90 - James ShieldsI always try to come up with something which will look good in a 9-pocket sheet, as that was the original intent behind my custom cards. That intent went out the window when my color printer crapped out, but I still try to keep that in mind, just in case I find a way of printing my lovelies without shelling out $$$ for another color printer (…any suggestions?)

…So there you go. I hope you like the design, because you’ll be seeing these for the next 6 months.