2016 TSR: Sale Of The Century, And The “Pointless Pairing” You’ve Been Waiting For

Another weekend, another pack of 2016 TSR cards. I have a feeling that this one is going to be loaded with inserts…
2016 TSR wrapper series one thumb
…And because of the last card in this virtual pack, I also have a feeling I’m going to get a number of people “Googling” their way into this post, so I’ll throw out the following disclaimer:
The baseball cards you see here are virtual cards I create for fun, using a design I created. They don’t exist in any physical format and are not for sale.

OK, let’s rip this pack open…

I think the two groups of people who appreciate what Chris Sale is doing this year are 1) Chicago Sports Fans and 2) People who have Sale on their fantasy team. I fall into the latter category.
2016 TSR #110 - Chris Sale
Sale is 7-0 without any no-decisions. He’s got a 1.79 ERA and a 0.775 WHIP. In 50.1 innings, he’s got 47 K’s to just 10 walks. He pitched a 2-hit complete game shutout against the Rays. In my fantasy points league, when you sort all pitchers based on the points they’ve earned this year, Sale ranks above Kershaw and Arrieta. He’s been phenomenal, and I’m not sure how many people have noticed.

Speaking of phenomenal pitchers, how about Bartolo Colon? He recently got his 220th career win and passed Pedro Martinez for #2 on the list of career wins by Dominican pitchers (Juan Marichal is up top with 243), but that may not have been his most exciting accomplishment of this season…
2016 TSR #61 - Colon Highlight
Just a couple of weeks shy of his 43rd birthday, Colon hit his first home run… and it wasn’t a cheapie, either. This guy is so much fun to watch! I think he’s moved up past Matt Harvey on my list of favorite Mets starting pitchers.

For the record, Colon is not the oldest Met to homer.  Julio Franco was 48 when he hit a homer for the Mets in 2007.

This next custom is an idea that came out of a number of photos I saw…
2016 TSR #62 - Darvish Rehab
I loved looking at photos of Yu Darvish pitching for the AA Frisco RoughRiders so much that I had to make a custom out of it. I wouldn’t be averse to making this a regular series… if I find more images of rehabbing players. I’ll try to keep an eye out.

Anther TSRchives card featuring Yoenis Cespedes in a throwback uniform…
2016 TSRchives 86T-1 Yoenis Cespedes
I thank Cespedes for not wearing “pajama pants” while wearing these throwbacks.

I think that everybody knew this next custom was coming sooner or later.
2016 TSR PP-2 Justin Upton Justin Upton
I’d have to think that if Fleer were around today and could afford the licensing fees for Kate Upton, they’d do a card along these lines. It fits right in with the 1982 “Steve & Carlton” card.

Best wishes and good luck to Justin Verlander and Kate Upton on their recently announced engagement!

More 2012 Heritage stuff

I’m guessing these two guys were photographed separately… compared to Verlander, Valverde looks like his chest is about 4 feet wide.

That (R) after Tigers is pretty distracting, couldn’t they have made that any smaller?

Samardzija has a sort of Three Musketeers thing going.  Yippee!  Yappee!  Yahoooooooooooey!!!!  (There’s a reference for those old enough to remember 1960’s Hanna-Barbera cartoons).

This Ianetta card looks more like a painting than many of the early Heritage cards which were supposed to look like paintings.

Some short-printed All-star rookie action.  I often sell the SP’s of players I don’t collect, but I like this one, I’ll probably hang on to it.