“Shoulda Been” Heritage #’s 3 & 4: Chris Denorfia and Kyle Blanks

When I posted my first “Shoulda Been” card, Marcus over at “All The Way To The Backstop” pointed out that there are two Padres who have played a significant role with the team and yet do not have a card in any 2013 Topps products… Those two Padres are Chris Denorfia and Kyle Blanks.

While neither one is likely to start in the All-Star game, they’ve both played well enough to warrant cardboard.  I don’t know why Topps hasn’t included them, but here I go, once again cleaning up their mess after them:

2013 Schmeritage #3 Chris Denorfia
2013 Schmeritage #4 Kyle Blanks

Hope you like them, Marcus!

If there are any players you’d like to see on a 2013 Heritage/1964 Topps design, but Topps has not come through, leave a comment for me… I’ll do my best to rectify the situation.