Cards That Ain’t Never Been: 1976 Topps Larry Milbourne

…Because the name “Cards That Never Were” has already been taken…

While researching yesterday’s post, I stumbled across a nice photo of Larry Milbourne in the Astros uniform of the mid 1970’s.  I said to myself “I can’t NOT make a custom out of this baby.”

And so…
1976 Cards That Ain't Never Been Larry Milbourne

Larry Milbourne’s rookie card was 1975 Topps, but even though he appeared in 73 games in 1975 and 53 games in 1976, he did not appear on another Topps card until 1978 (with the Mariners).  Looking back with 20-20 vision, I think Larry deserved a 1976 card more than Tommy Helms (64 games in 1975),  Jerry DaVanon (32 games), or maybe Skip Jutze (51 games, but you have to cut him some slack because he was a backup catcher).


The Nightly Show With Larry Milbourne

The other day I was talking to someone about The Nightly Show, which is the new show on Comedy Central which airs after The Daily Show.

After a few minutes of conversation, I suddenly realized that instead of referring to the host as Larry Wilmore…
2015 TSR Fauxback Larry Wilmore

…I’d spent several minutes referring to him as Larry Milbourne.
1975 Topps Larry Milbourne


Larry Wilmore may have his own TV show, but he was never named to the Topps All-Star Rookie team…

1978 Topps Larry Milbourne

Wilmore didn’t have the walk-off double in the Mariners’ first-ever win (4/8/77).

1981 Fleer Larry Milbourne

And Wilmore was never involved in a trade where another player was essentially traded for himself:
November 18, 1980: Traded by the Seattle Mariners with a player to be named later to the New York Yankees for Brad Gulden and $150,000. The Seattle Mariners sent Brad Gulden (May 18, 1981) to the New York Yankees to complete the trade.