Ya Get Whatcha Get: 4 Arbitrary Cards From Black Friday

When I’m writing about my new acquisitions, I often end up trying to organize cards into themed posts, and a lot of cards have fallen by the wayside as a result.

So…. I’m going to try something new where I’m just going to write about cards on a first-in, first-out basis… Starting with this 1972 Topps Leo Cardenas In Action.

This card was a fairly cheap 1972 that was among my many, many needs. When you’re talking about a 700+ card vintage set, the needs are many.
1972 Topps Leo Cardenas IA
…Not that I’m working towards the 1972 set. Because I’m not. :-)

At a quick glance, it almost looks like an Orioles card, but I tend to forget that the Angels’ “A” was lower case for a short time.

Da Boid!  One of my secondary goals is to finally complete my 1979 and 1980 sets, as much because I’m embarrassed that I haven’t as it is because I want to.
1979 Topps Mark Fidrych
By the time this card came out, the former Rookie-Of-The-Year’s career had already been derailed by rotator cuff issues, but it’s still a good card.

A 2012 Heritage High # of Bruce Chen, one of those cards where desire converges with price. I’ve been a fan of Bruce’s since his time with the Orioles, so I couldn’t pass up an affordable, artificial “high number”.
2012 Heritage Hi# Bruce Chen
Bruce looks like he’s about to impart some wisdom on us… or more likely unleash one of the bad jokes he’s famous for.

Clay Kirby once had a no-hitter going through 8 innings against the Mets in 1970.  With San Diego down 1-0 in the bottom of the 8th, Padres manager Preston Gomez pinch hit for him. They’re probably fortunate that there were only 10,373 fans in attendance, because it could’ve gotten ugly.
1970 Topps Clay Kirby
Clay Kirby also took two no-hitters into the 8th in September, 1971. The Padres still don’t have a no-hitter in their history.

Kirby died of a heart attack at the age of 43.  When one is older than 43 (as I am), that tends to freak one out a little bit.

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