“Hot Stove”: Rollins And Kemp, By Popular Demand

Last week I ran a poll to see which “Hot Stove” custom cards I should do next. The two players who got the most votes were Matt Kemp and Jimmy Rollins. Naturally, both trades also took the longest to become official, but today I have them in all their photoshopped-into-new-uniforms glory.

For those new to The Shlabotnik Report or my “Hot Stove” set, these are the latest in a series of custom baseball cards based on the 1974 Kellogg’s 3-D set, and featuring players who have changed teams over the baseball offseason. OK, that’s out of the way for another week…

After 15 years with the Phillies, Jimmy Rollins waived his no-trade clause and got shipped off to the Dodgers. Halfway through digitally removing every single red pinstripe from J-Roll’s uniform, I started to feel the pain that many Phillies fans are experiencing.
2014-15 TSR Hot Stove #15 Jimmy Rollins
You can just barely see the number behind the bat, but I did not give Rollins the #11 he wore with the Phillies because it’s currently possessed by (checking the spelling several times) Erisbel Arruebarrena.  I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s a clubhouse deal made to get the number from… Arrrrrrrrrrrrrr…. from Erisbel.

I can’t imagine what it must be like to be a Dodger fan with all the changes they’re making this year.  It’s clear that new GM Andrew Friedman is determined to put his mark on the team.

Matt Kemp was sent from the Dodgers to the Padres in one of the offseason’s bigger trades. Unlike Jimmy Rollins, Matt Kemp has been with the Dodgers a paltry 9 years.
2014-15 TSR Hot Stove #16 Matt Kemp
I wanted to get the “Western Metal Supply” building into the background because I’ve found that hard edges in the background – preferably colorful hard edges – often do a better job of selling the faux 3-D.

I can’t imagine what it must be like to be a Padres fan with all the changes they’re making this year.  It’s clear that new GM A.J. Preller is determined to put his mark on the team…. Wait a minute!  Didn’t I say that before?  I’ve got this terrible feeling of deja vu…

I haven’t decided who’s next to get immortalized on a “Hot Stove” custom next, but Dee Gordon of the Florida Marlins got the second-most votes, and as he’s not a player who has pinstripes to remove or piping to add, there’s a decent chance that I’ll give myself a break and do him next.

It’s not too late – indeed it’s never too late – to put in your own request!  OK, that’s not true, it will be too late when Spring Training starts, because I’m not going to keep doing this after you can see photos of these guys actually wearing their uniforms.