Mystery Box Of 1970 Topps: Sawks And Yanks

Back in January I bought a box of 100+ 1970 Topps cards, and I’m going through them in “pack-sized” lots of 10-15 cards.

This latest “pack” had a mix of Red Sox and Yankees in it, and much to my delight I needed most of them.

Yo, check out dese bad boys:

1970 Topps Gene Michael
I associate Gene Michael so thoroughly with the Yankees that I forget that he came up with the Pirates and also played with the Dodgers and Tigers. Gene Michael played 7 years in pinstripes and was also the Yankees GM and manager. Although this is his fourth card, it’s the first one to show him in the uniform of the team he’s listed with… the prior three showed him in a Pirates uniform, but listed him with the Dodgers and Yanks.

Pity poor Joe Verbanic…
1970 Topps Joe Verbanic
…he appeared on a Topps card from 1967 to 1970, and yet Topps used only two hatless photos between the four cards. This photo is the same one used on the 1967 Rookie Stars card he shared with Bill Robinson. His 1968 and 1969 cards shared what is apparently the only other known photo of Joe Verbanic in existence.

When I started collecting, Lindy McDaniel was with the Royals, wrapping his career…
1970 Topps Lindy McDaniel
…but he was one of the best relievers of the 1960’s, and he had a long career spanning 21 seasons and 5 teams. He would’ve lead the NL in saves three times had it been an official statistic before 1969.

Mike Andrews was an All-Star in 1969 and 1970 was his fourth season as the Red Sox’ starting second baseman.
1970 Topps Mike Andrews
I really like this card for reasons I cannot explain.

Mike Kekich was traded from the Dodgers to the Yankees late in 1968, and since he’s hatless and pinstripeless here, I’m guessing the photo is from before 1969.
1970 Topps Mike Kekich

The most interesting thing I found about Steve Hamilton is covered in the cartoon, which I’ll get to in a minute…
1970 Topps Steve Hamilton

Tom Satriano has never been “Surfing With The Alien”, because that was Joe Satriani, not Tom Satriano.
1970 Topps Tom Satriano

Best Card  Rico Petrocelli All-Star:
1970 Topps Rico Petrocelli AS

Best Cartoon – Steve Hamilton:

1970 Topps Steve Hamilton Cartoon says that Hamilton played alongside Elgin Baylor… I know jack about basketball, but even I know of Elgin Baylor.

Eight cards added to my set! Freakin’ A! Now I have 446 with 274 to go (61.9%).