Line Out – Runners Do Not Advance

My last few weeks have felt like the George Scott card from the 1968 Topps game insert:  Line out – Runners do not advance.
1968 Topps Game George Scott
No, no, that’s not quite right… George looks too happy about things.

Do we have another bad result from the game where the player looks a bit more…

…I dunno…

…Worn out?
1968 Topps Game Jim Wynn

Yeah… That’s better.  Thank you, Jim Wynn.

My posts have been sporadic lately partly because I haven’t had a whole lot of free time, and partly because my top blogging priority is a long-term project that hasn’t yet resulted in any posts… Our crack team of custom card designers and manufacturers have been spending every available moment trying to get the 2015 TSR custom set ready and out into the virtual stores by Opening Day.

As a result, whenever I try to finish and publish one of the many drafts I have, I just…
1968 Topps Game Mike McCormick
…Strike out.

And all that is on top of other tasks that eat into my hobby time, like organizing and removing the unholy mess of cards that have taken over the dining room table. Mrs. Shlabotnik has been patient thus far, but it’s best not to push those limits.

So… Apologies for my general absence from the Blogosphere of late. After the new set goes live, I hope that will change for the better.
1968 Topps Game Claude Osteen
Sorry, I can’t think of any way to work a double play into this post.