Pointless Pairings #2 – Trivia Challenge!

My latest “insert” card features a “Pointless Pairing” of R.A. Dickey and Todd Helton. This is the challenge: What do these guys have in common?  Leave your answers in the comments!

I have one particular thing in mind, but if you can show me that both have a map of Sao Paolo tattooed over their hearts, or that both get their teeth cleaned by a dental hygienist named Myrtle, then that would be acceptable.

Just to make this clear, this isn’t a contest, there are no prizes. …Although I might have a Marvel Comics “No-Prize” in my closet… and I could always make the “prize” be tha I’ll make a custom card of the subject of your choice (if I have access to a photo).

Here’s a hint:  This might be easier for fans of a certain current quarterback.

2012 TSR insert: Pointless Pairings PP1, Evan Longoria and…

If Topps is going to inundate us with insert cards matching up two players, they should at least have fun with it, instead of just pairing up two players because they both played first base for the Dodgers, or some even more tenuous connection.

With that in mind, here’s the first card from my first insert set, “Pointless Pairings”:

I’ll admit, Evan & Eva aren’t the most inspired choices, but it’s still more fun than what Topps puts out.  It also gave me an excuse to put Eva Longoria on a card.  Gawrsh, she sure is purdy.

I’ve got some ideas for future “Pointless Pairings”, and I might make it something of a trivia challenge (i.e. what do these two have in common?).

If you’ve got any ideas for a Pointless Pairing of two players, or a player and a celebrity /inanimate object /fictional character / whatever, let me know!  I’d love to commit your ideas to virtual cardboard .