Mike Trout Custom – 1989 Donruss Rated Rookie

I wish I could remember who it was that posted this, but someone had asked if anyone collected a player because they had had him on their fantasy baseball team.  My response at the time was that I became a fan of Doug Fister after his performance for my team last year, but this year, I’m really getting to like Mike Trout.

This guy is having an impressive rookie season so far, only he’s had the misfortune (if you can call it that) of sharing his rookie season with that Bryce guy (not to mention Yu Darvish).

The Troutmeister was named the AL Rookie Of The Month for both May & June, and is leading the AL in batting average (.343) and stolen bases (26)… Not leading AL rookies, leading the league.  Just to add to the impressive numbers, he’s also got 12 homers and 40 RBI.

The Angels were 6-14 before he got called up and 42-24 afterwards.  There’s too  much talent on that team to think they would continue at a .300 winning percentage all season, but Trout undoubtedly acted as a catalyst.

From what I’ve seen, he’s a lot of fun to watch – I was watching the Angels play the Orioles on TV and saw him steal a homer from J.J. Hardy with a beautiful over-the-wall catch – and he’s doing wonders for both of my fantasy teams.

And on top of all of that, he’s from New Jersey.  It used to be that I had a thing for players who were from Long Island like I am, but given that most American ballplayers come from California or Florida, I’ve come to appreciate anyone who comes from north of the Mason-Dixon line.