Laugh If You Want, But It’ll Happen To You Some Day

The other day I was watching a Mets game and after Eric Young had stolen second, they said that Young has however-many stolen bases and the Brewers’ Jean Segura leads the league.

1971 Topps Tommy Harper

Without really engaging my brain, I spoke back to the TV and said “Yeah, but that’s Milwaukee… what about the National League?”

1972 Topps Billy Conigliaro


“Oh, yeah”.

1980 Topps Robin Yount

For you young’uns, just remember that some day you’ll be watching a football game and saying “Every time I hear ‘Jaguars’, I still think Jacksonville, not Los Angeles”.

FWIW, all three of these cards were picked up in the past few months.

2013 Topps Stickers & Opening Day: Topps Keeps Giving Me The Bird!

I was in Target yesterday intending to buy a pack or two of Opening Day, and I was surprised to find that they also had Topps Stickers.  Of course, I bought packs of both. In for a penny, in for a pound.

Neither set is the pinnacle of excitement, but I did well Oriole-wise;  From the Opening Day packs I got the Bird (one of the few times it’s good to get the Bird)…
2013 Topps Opening Day Orioles Bird

…and I got a Manny Machado “Ballpark Fun” insert.  Two cards I probably would’ve sought out anyway, so that’s all good.
2013 Topps Opening Day Ballpark Fun Machado

The stickers aren’t bad looking, and look!  I got the Bird AGAIN!
2013 Topps Stickers Orioles Bird

There are also HOFers in the set;  I didn’t buy the album, so I don’t know what the story is with these.  Pretty cool, though.  Reggie Jackson with the A’s, as nature intended…
2013 Topps Stickers Reggie Jackson

…And Robin Yount in the ball-in-glove Brewers logo that seems to be the favorite of everybody but me.  I’ll admit it’s fairly clever, but it doesn’t do much for me.  It is better than what they wear now, which is completely unobjectionable but also completely uninteresting.

2013 Topps Stickers Robin Yount

I like the Stickers, but I’ll only buy them when I’m looking for a cheap pack bustin’ fix.  Sticking them in the album seems wrong to me (I wasn’t raised on stickers), but they’re too small to put in plastic sheets, so these will just sit in a box with its 2011 and 2012 brethren.

…Oh, and BTW the backs of the stickers mainly consist of the card number and legal info.  You were expecting something different?

Opening Day is a set I want to like, but since it’s essentially a parallel of the regular set and I don’t do parallels, that pretty much means I don’t do OD.  I’d buy a lot more OD if they’d use different photos, but then it probably wouldn’t be as cheap.  I do like the Mascot cards though.  I’ll have to track down Mr. Met and maybe the Phanatic (who I like despite his affiliation to a certain team).

1990 Topps Magazine Cards And A Familiar-Looking Image

Earlier this week I was idly sorting through a box of oversized “I don’t know how to properly store this” stuff, and I ran across my Topps Magazine cards, still in sheet form but long since divorced from the magazines they came in.

I think I subscribed to the first 4 issues of Topps Magazine, but decided that it wasn’t exciting enough for me to re-up… Despite the inclusion of special cards which manage the difficult feat of being uglier than the 1990 Topps design.
1990 Topps Magazine TM9 - 12

While I was looking at this particular set of cards, I couldn’t help but notice that the Jim Palmer photo looked familiar…
1990 Topps Magazine TM13 - 16
…and that’s when I realized it might be from the same photo shoot as this past Sunday’s Hostess Card Of The Week:
1979 Hostess Jim Palmer
Although the Topps Magazine card is a bit washed out, both photos were taken in Yankee Stadium on a partly sunny day, both have the Brut cologne ad on the left, and in both photos Jim Palmer’s hair has an unintended flip on his right.

I don’t have a real point to this, other than “Heyyyyyyyy, lookathis!”  Having two similar Jim Palmer photos in the same week was nothing I’d planned, I’m nowhere near that organized… it’s just a serendipitous occurrence (and 25 cents goes in the “Big Word” jar).

Getting back to the 1990 Topps Magazine cards, these are pretty much what you’d expect from 1990 baseball cards.  On the first half of the sheet, we’ve got four ubiquitous-for-1990 faces in Bo (Overhyped 2-sport player) Jackson, Nolan Ryan (who had just reached 5000 K’s), Will “The Thrill” Clark and Robin Yount, the AL MVP of the previous season.

The second half of the sheet features the two 1990 Hall Of Fame inductees in Joe Morgan and Jim Palmer, as well as two players who’d been drafted in 1989 and made their Major League debuts that September.  Ben McDonald was the first overall draft pick, and went on to have a decent career with the Orioles and Brewers.

John Olerud played for 17 years for a number of teams and had a couple of exceptional seasons where he batted .363 and .354.  He’s also notable in that he’s one of those players who went straight to the Major Leagues without making any minor league stops.  In fact, he didn’t play in the minors until he did a brief stint with AAA Pawtucket at the end of his career, in what seems to have been an audition for the Red Sox.

Olerud’s card is interesting in that it lists him as both a first baseman and a pitcher, even though I can’t find any evidence of him having pitched in the pros… although he did pitch in college

1979 Hostess Robin Yount; No Weigh-In this week

Although this post won’t be published until the afternoon (through the magic of WordPress), I’m writing this at 9am and I’m already behind schedule for all the thing I need to do today. I’m going to need to keep this short, but that doesn’t mean I have to deprive people of their weekly Hostess.

I think you all know about Robin Yount.  Hall-Of-Famer, 2-time MVP, Gold Glove, Silver Slugger, All-Star, #19 retired by the Brewers.

This particular card is pretty miscut, but miscut HOFers are the only ones which fit in my current Hostess budget.

Part of the reason my Sunday is so busy is because my Saturday was spent at a card show (and driving 100+ miles to get to the card show).  There’s no Weigh-In this week because I haven’t had a chance to go through my swag.  I know you’re all dying to know how many cards I bought and how this affects my overall progress, but you’ll just have to wait until next Sunday.  Be strong.